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‘It’s the worst’ – Jude Bellingham expressed frustration to Haaland following Granada match




In a thrilling match at the Santiago Bernabéu, Jude Bellingham’s absence from the scoresheet wasn’t the only thing that left him seething with frustration.

The English midfielder was caught in a private outburst with Erling Haaland, venting his anger at what he perceived as unfavorable refereeing decisions.

Real Madrid’s victory last night can be attributed not only to their stellar defensive display but also to standout performances from key players such as Toni Kroos, Rodrygo, and Brahim.

Their contributions proved pivotal in securing the win against Granada, who found it difficult to pose a significant threat to the home side.

However, for Bellingham, the evening was far from ordinary. Known for his goal-scoring prowess and assists, the Englishman encountered a series of injustices at the hands of the referee, Pablo González Fuertes.

The official’s contentious decisions fueled the young midfielder’s frustration, eliciting an uncharacteristically angry response from a player mostly known for his smiles on the pitch.

Bellingham’s protests during the match resulted in a yellow card, which further agitated both the player and the Santiago Bernabéu crowd.

Unaccustomed to such refereeing standards, having played in both the German and English leagues, Bellingham felt increasingly exasperated throughout the game.

Despite his lack of goal contributions, the young midfielder received words of support and encouragement from fans across Europe who closely follow his performances.

The close bond between Bellingham and Haaland cannot be overlooked, given their time together at Borussia Dortmund. They have formed a strong friendship and led a generation of talented players, with their camaraderie extending beyond the football pitch.

Haaland expressed concern for his friend at the impassioned display witnessed at the Santiago Bernabéu. Bellingham attributed his frustration to an officiating style that left much to be desired in terms of fairness and composure.

“It’s the worst,” Bellingham lamented to his Manchester-based friend, referring to the arrogance displayed by the officials, which he had not previously encountered in his relatively short career.

Pablo González Fuertes’ performance has drawn criticism from the Real Madrid community, with claims that even someone like Bellingham can be driven to desperation when faced with unfavorable refereeing decisions.

Haaland, having been warned, now understands the level of frustration his friend endured during the match.

Source: DefensaCentral

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