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Almeria expresses their discontent, questioning; “Why aren’t all the available angles shown to the referee?”

Emmanuel Adjetey



The tension between Real Madrid and Almeria at the Bernabéu didn’t end with the final whistle, as post-match discussions extended into the early hours of the morning. Almeria’s vocal complaints of refereeing bias prompted the club to take to social media after midnight. They specifically questioned the VAR’s handling of a pivotal moment in the game.

In the 67th minute, with Almeria leading 1-2, Vinicius scored an equalizer that triggered a VAR review. The referee considered a potential handball by the Brazilian and a suspected foul in the attacking phase. Details were later revealed through audio commentary. Despite neither infringement being penalized, Almeria remains dissatisfied, asserting that the referee was not provided with crucial camera angles.

“Why aren’t all the angles available on TV shown to the referee?” The Andalusian club queried on the social network X. They shed light on the discussions between the match referee and the VAR. The interpretation of Vinicius’ action appears to be in flux. Some angles suggested a clear shoulder strike and others leaving room for doubt about potential arm involvement.

The differing perspectives and Almeria’s discontent highlight the ongoing discourse surrounding VAR technology in football. As debates persist, concerns about transparency, effective communication, and the presentation of conclusive evidence to match officials continue. The aftermath of this controversy is likely to fuel further discussions about the role of technology in shaping critical decisions and its impact on the integrity of the game.

VAR efficiency

The fallout from the Real Madrid vs. Almeria clash raises broader questions about the effectiveness of VAR in maintaining the fairness of the game. Technology was introduced to reduce refereeing errors and bring more precision to decision-making. However, instances like this one reveal the challenges in achieving consistent and transparent outcomes. Clubs and fans alike are left grappling with the ambiguity surrounding VAR decisions. They claim the need for clearer communication and a standardized process becoming increasingly evident.

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