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Alphonso Davies’ potential Real Madrid move hangs on contract talks




Once again, it’s all about the money in football, and Alphonso Davies finds himself at the heart of negotiations that could shape his sporting future, according to Marca.

The talented Bayern Munich full-back must weigh his ambitions against financial gains, a choice exemplified by players like Jude Bellingham, who opted for success over a lucrative deal with Real Madrid. Now, Real Madrid is eyeing Davies for the upcoming season, making his decision a pivotal one.

Alphonso Davies has emerged as a prime target for Real Madrid, especially if big names like Mbappé or Haaland are not in the cards. This situation echoes the previous season when Jude Bellingham surprised many by becoming a key figure for the Blancos.

Bayern Munich is eager to keep Davies, recognizing his impact both defensively and offensively. Despite offering him a substantial €10 million per season contract extension, negotiations are slow.

Davies understands that signing an extended contract may hinder his chances of joining Real Madrid. The key is avoiding an agreement beyond June 30, 2025, leaving room for negotiations next summer.

Talks initiated over a year ago have seen little progress, and Davies knows that a prolonged contract with Bayern could close the door on Real Madrid. The club’s generous offer hints at a potential shift in Davies’ destination, surprising many in Germany.

Real Madrid emphasizes the importance of securing an agreement with Bayern before finalizing terms with the player, prioritizing harmony in the dressing room.

Despite expected challenges, discussions suggest a significant financial commitment for the upcoming season, with Davies at the center. The Blancos aim to handle the situation diplomatically to avoid tensions with other clubs, particularly Bayern.

At the beginning of the season, left-back reinforcements were a priority due to injuries to Militao and Alaba. This stance remains, given concerns about Mendy’s reliability due to recurrent muscle injuries and his contract expiring in 2025. Fran García and Mendy currently hold the left-back position, but uncertainties surround Mendy’s future without a renewal proposal from Real Madrid.

Miguel Gutiérrez, a Valdebebas product excelling at Girona, is another option. Real Madrid sold him with a buy-back option, and if he continues to impress, they could reacquire him for eight million euros in spring 2024. Obrador from Castilla is also showing promise as an alternative. The left-back situation at Real Madrid adds complexity to the negotiations surrounding Alphonso Davies’ potential move.

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