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Ancelotti: Rudi Garcia needs time. Betting scandal? Serious mistake




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Carlo Ancelotti, the Real Madrid manager, spoke today on Radio Anch’io Sport on Rai Radio 1, discussing the issue of betting, Rudi Garcia’s Napoli, and the Milan football club.

Ancelotti addressed the recent betting scandal, calling it a significant mistake by those involved. He stressed, “From a scientific perspective, gambling addiction is a serious illness.”

He continued to express his views on the betting issue, saying, “However, I believe it is an individual mistake. Involving all of Italian football seems a bit excessive to me. Justice will run its course, but to me, it appears to be a mistake by individuals who have broken a clear sporting rule: you cannot bet.

“This is very clear for those in our profession. We are warned before every season in all countries that it is a prohibited activity.”

On Rudi Garcia and Napoli

Moving on, Ancelotti shared his thoughts on Rudi Garcia and Napoli, a team Real Madrid recently faced in the Champions League.

He commented, “Garcia faces the challenges that all coaches do – if you don’t win, they send you packing. Napoli changed their coach and brought in Rudi Garcia, who has his own ideas and needs some time.

“Garcia is a capable, serious, and professional coach who has previously done well in Italy. It’s just a matter of time, especially since Napoli’s structure is more or less the same as last year, except for the departure of Kim. Napoli will return to competitiveness in the league.”

Milan’s resurgence

Lastly, Ancelotti discussed Milan and their pursuit of the Serie A title.

He expressed, “I wasn’t surprised by Milan’s resurgence after the defeat in the derby against Inter. The Rossoneri made excellent acquisitions, bringing in experienced players like Pulisic and Loftus-Cheek, along with promising young talents.

“Milan, aside from the derby, is performing well, even in European competitions. For the Serie A title race, it’s not just Inter; Napoli and Juventus, without European distractions, can make their presence felt.”

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