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Ancelotti’s contract renewal; no clause

Emmanuel Adjetey



Ancelotti’s competence to lead the Madrid team has pleased Real Madrid, realizing a dream that for him would never end.

The club and coach’s support and understanding are not the only things symbolized by the contract renewal. It extends far further. First of all, as it has been showing for the past ten years, it confirms that Real Madrid follows the predetermined plan and that nothing and no one can influence it.

Similar to Zidane

Because of this course of action, the coach’s contract has been renewed. Something that has only been accomplished in the last several years by Zinedine Zidane, who came from Castilla and had very different conditions than those currently faced by the Italian coach.

Without any more discussions after the declaration of intent, the transaction was swiftly closed. Everything was decided upon before Christmas and took place inside the scope of the coach and president’s meetings at Valdebebas. Many of which had José Ángel Sánchez present as a witness.

It all worked out quite easily. In fact, so much so that no further clauses were required. Some are taken for granted. Like the one about success or failure, which has become a Real Madrid proverb in recent years and illustrates the necessity of continuity following victory. There is something deeply ingrained in Madrid’s DNA that speaks of conquering and titles.

Carlo Ancelotti is the one who found out initially. Besides, he finds it appealing. He is currently employed with Real Madrid and holds the position of head technical manager. He finds it enjoyable since he is a winner and recognizes the pressure as an essential component of his role. Ancelotti knows that there’s no point in discussing it further. In addition, he is completely confident in his ability to manage the team he has and the club’s final signings plan.

Real Madrid’s belief in Ancelotti

Although the final assessment of Ancelotti’s work is always determined by the number of titles won, starting with the Arabian Super Cup, which is held in the middle of the season in a difficult and complicated January.

Real Madrid’s move to renew with their coach in the middle of the season is commendable and shows their complete confidence in his abilities. This gives them some peace of mind as they approach the remainder of the season, especially if they defeat Atlético first and then the winner of Barcelona-Osasuna.

With the Cup, a similar process takes place. It tested the team’s limits the previous season, but it helped the Madrid eleven win a title and be vindicated. Real Madrid’s competitive spirit keeps us from giving up in any competition, even though it is not the main goal. Naturally, the intention is for the second line to be the most important one in terms of the Cup.

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