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Ancelotti’s press conference before facing Juventus in Orlando




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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti faced the media on Tuesday night in the press conference prior to facing Juventus in Orlando. He answered questions about Kylian Mbappé, the new system, the role of Kroos and Modric this season amongst others.

Ancelotti: “We will have to evaluate what has been done. They have been good times, we played with the young players and we had good feelings. We’ll finish tomorrow and we want to do even better. To follow this line and we will evaluate whether to continue or continue the same. We are satisfied. We have to adapt. We’ll see it tomorrow. It’s an important test, against a strong rival team.”

Ancelotti on the opportunity to play in the United States.

“It is very good for us to come here. The rivals are very strong and it’s a good test for us. It’s also great to meet our fans here. There are a lot of madridistas who are very passionate. It’s very special for them.”

Ancelotti on the rumours or PSG filing a complaint against Madrid regarding Mbappé.

I’m not surprised at all. I don’t know about this matter. It’s something political that I don’t get into. I leave the political things.”

Ancelotti on what the role of Modric and Kroos will be next season. 

“Nothing changes with them. They are still an example for us. How many minutes are they going to play, I don’t know, but they will be protagonists like in previous years. Young people progress very well and that’s because they have the great opportunity to watch Kroos and Modric each day.”

On whether the new system does not help Vinicius.

It is an evaluation that we have to do. Personally, he really likes to play on the inside. On the wings he makes a difference, on the inside he can score more goals. He did well against Milan and United. He could have had more success against Barcelona. I don’t know if playing on the wing he would have had so many chances. It’s difficult if we don’t try things to do this kind of thing later.”

Ancelotti on whether players now want more money than trophies. 

“At the market level, something has changed. The player has more power than before. It’s still the same in the field. The player who has a little more ego prefers to win individual titles and there are others who want to put their quality at the service of the team.”

Ancelotti: “The new scheme allows us to vary the system. I think it’s good not to have a fixed system. At the individual level we have realized the quality of Bellingham better, who is a midfielder and performs better than as an interior. We will have to see it during the season.”

Ancelotti also spoke on Women’s World Cup sensation Linda Caicedo.

“She is doing very well. We are close to the Women’s World Cup. She is a great player. We have a constant relationship with the women’s team and I hope that in the future they will be able to win as much as the men’s team.”

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