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Ancelotti’s words over the weekend surprised Lunin and the locker room – report




Photo by Victor Carretero/Real Madrid via Getty Images

In a surprising turn of events at Real Madrid, coach Carlo Ancelotti’s declaration that Kepa Arrizabalaga would start ahead of Andriy Lunin upon returning from injury left both the Ukrainian goalkeeper and the locker room bewildered according to Relevo.

The announcement not only caught Lunin off guard but also failed to resonate well within the team.

The players, while understanding Ancelotti’s desire to avoid unnecessary debates, deemed the statements inappropriate, suggesting that a clearer picture could have emerged after the upcoming match when Kepa is slated to return. This decision would have provided a timely resolution to the brewing uncertainty within the squad.

Behind the scenes, the players recognize the challenges Lunin faces in his day-to-day life. Nacho’s heartfelt embrace following Lunin’s crucial penalty save against Braga illustrates the team’s empathy and support for the struggling goalkeeper.

Looking beyond the realm of football, Ancelotti’s insistence on starting Kepa may have more to do with market dynamics than on-field performance. The coach appears eager to thrust Kepa back into the spotlight, possibly with the aim of convincing the club to retain him as Thibaut Courtois’ backup at the end of the season.

It’s worth noting that Kepa is currently on loan at Los Blancos, adding a layer of complexity to the situation. Despite this, Lunin has consistently failed to sway Ancelotti’s preferences, with a notable instance being in January when he discovered his substitute role in a Copa del Rey match through a press conference, despite starting earlier in the competition.

The unfolding drama at Real Madrid sheds light on the intricate dynamics within a football squad, where player management, communication, and strategic decisions can significantly impact both individual careers and team cohesion. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on how Ancelotti’s choices unfold and whether they align with the team’s goals on and off the pitch.

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