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Andriy Lunin set to start against Mallorca, Kepa on the bench – report




(Photo By Irina R. Hipolito/Europa Press via Getty Images)

Real Madrid’s goalkeeping situation — involving Lunin and Kepa — has taken an unexpected turn following Thibaut Courtois’ ACL tear just 48 hours before the season kicked off in August. The arrival of Kepa Arrizabalaga from Chelsea was seen as a solution, but fate had a different plan.

Kepa’s injury paves way for Lunin

When Kepa suffered an injury, it paved the way for Andriy Lunin to showcase his skills between the posts. With consistent and impressive performances game after game, a debate has emerged among fans regarding who should be the undisputed starter for Real Madrid.

Many supporters argue that Lunin, who is a product of the club’s youth system, deserves the starting position over Kepa, especially considering the latter is on a season-long loan deal. This debate gains more weight as reports suggest that Lunin is set to start in the upcoming game against Mallorca.

Lunin to start against Mallorca

According to insights from José Félix Diaz, a notable source on Real Madrid, the club’s internal analysis places Lunin ahead of Kepa. However, the dilemma for manager Carlo Ancelotti lies in the fact that both goalkeepers have earned his trust through their performances.

Ancelotti, known for his astute decision-making, now faces the challenging task of choosing a definitive first-choice goalkeeper. The performances of both keepers have made the decision-making process even more complex, as they continue to deliver consistently on the field.

Ancelotti’s unbiased trust

The situation is unique, with the experienced Italian manager having faith in both goalkeepers. The ongoing battle for the starting position adds an element of healthy competition within the squad, driving both Lunin and Kepa to strive for excellence.

As Real Madrid heads into the new year, the goalkeeping debate is poised to continue. Whether Ancelotti leans towards the youth and loyalty of Lunin or the experience brought by Kepa remains to be seen. The uncertainty surrounding the goalkeeper position adds an intriguing subplot to Real Madrid’s season, keeping fans and pundits alike on the edge of their seats.

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