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Nicolas Anelka praises Ancelotti’s mentorship and offers advice to Arda Guler at Real Madrid




Arda Guler, the 18-year-old Turkish talent who recently joined Real Madrid from Fenerbahce, has wasted no time in making a significant impact during his first week of training with the Spanish giants.

Guler’s seamless transition into the Real Madrid training sessions has caught the attention of both his teammates and coaching staff. His skill, work ethic, and determination have been evident from the moment he stepped onto the training pitch.

Former French footballer Nicolas Anelka has spoken highly of Carlo Ancelotti’s coaching abilities and believes that the Italian manager will be an excellent mentor for Arda Guler at Real Madrid.

Anelka, who was managed by Ancelotti during his time at Chelsea, emphasized the positive player relations that Ancelotti fosters, describing him as a friend and someone who knows how to take care of his players.

In an interview with Tivibu Spor, Anelka expressed his confidence in Ancelotti’s ability to guide Guler, stating, “It’s good that he’s working with Ancelotti now because he knows how to take care of him. If Ancelotti was not at Real Madrid now, it would be difficult for him. A result-oriented manager would be difficult.”

Anelka believes that Ancelotti’s experience and familiarity with the club will benefit Guler, as there will be no pressure on the manager and he will know when to put the young player on the field.

Anelka, who understands the pressure that comes with playing for a prestigious club like Real Madrid, offered some advice to Guler as he embarks on his first season with Los Blancos.

He emphasized the importance of patience, stating, “He has to be patient. It’s a big club. There are many players who want to play. He has to be patient, calm, and take his time.”

Anelka reassured Guler that even though it may be challenging initially, the opportunity to play will come. He highlighted Ancelotti’s intelligence in managing young players and knowing when to give them playing time.

Anelka emphasized the significance of hard work and patience in Guler’s journey at Real Madrid.

As Guler prepares for his debut season at Real Madrid, Anelka’s words of praise for Ancelotti’s coaching style and his advice on patience and hard work serve as valuable insights.

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