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Antonio Rüdiger shows support to the people of Berlin

Emmanuel Adjetey



While Antonio Rüdiger is enjoying his finest season with Real Madrid, he is mindful of his roots and is concerned about the severe cold wave that is expected to strike Berlin this weekend. Due to this, and in light of what Relevo has discovered, the player has chosen to focus on the most vulnerable. He has volunteered to provide 1,700 articles of clothing to the city’s homeless population in Berlin. Temperatures there are predicted to drop as low as -10 degrees.

The NGO, Berlin City Mission has volunteered to assist the defender, who frequently works with other charity organizations, in distribution. They will distribute hundreds of t-shirts, sneakers, sweatshirts, and jeans that will provide shelter for the homeless. In the first few days of 2024, four deaths in western Europe have already been attributed to heavy rain and snow.

A generous person

Rüdiger’s commitment to assist those in need has been demonstrated on previous occasions. Before the most recent World Cup in Qatar, the defender declared that he would donate all money won during the competition—bonuses for winning or making it through a round—to the operation of eleven children suffering from clubfoot disease in Sierra Leone, the birthplace of his mother.

Remembering his past

The Madrid footballer knows all too well the struggles his family faced adjusting to life in Europe. They escaped the civil war in Sierra Leone. He also lived his early days as a refugee in the Neukölln neighborhood of Berlin. I spent my childhood there, playing in those tiny cages. It was never easy. I was a little crazy and I didn’t like to lose, so they called me Rambo. In an interview, he conceded that “it’s a lovely place, with lovely people, a beautiful community… and the better kebabs.” Under Armour, the sportswear company that sponsors him, has also participated in this solidarity distribution. Rüdiger, in fact, always goes back to the same restaurant that served him Turkish food whenever he goes home.

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