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Arandina C.F announces ticket prices for the Copa del Rey match against Real Madrid




Arandina have announced its ticket prices for the Copa del Rey round of 32 match against Real Madrid on January 6. Tickets for the match will cost between 40 and 75 euros, with the club setting several prices based on the location of the seat according to Diario AS.

One unique aspect of the pricing system is that members will have free access, with the right to purchase four tickets. Meanwhile, subscribers or collaborators will have to pay 40 euros for both the backs and east stands, and 50 euros if they prefer the main west stand. For the general public, admission prices increase to 60 euros for funds, 65 euros for the east stand, and 75 euros for the most expensive entry, which is the main stand.

The club has also announced that it will be adding new extra stands to the stadium to accommodate the expected crowd. This will not only help in avoiding congestion but also provide more space for fans to enjoy the game.

Overall, the pricing system seems to be well thought out, taking into account the needs of different segments of supporters. The option for members to have free entry is a great gesture that acknowledges their long-term support for the club. Meanwhile, subscribers and collaborators will have to pay a reasonable fee that reflects their contribution to the club.

The general public, too, will have a chance to attend the match at a range of prices, depending on their preferred location. This shows that the club values all its supporters equally, regardless of their financial status.



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