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Arda Güler nearing debut as Real Madrid fans eagerly await




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Real Madrid’s Turkish sensation, Arda Güler, is on the cusp of making his long-awaited debut for the club after a prolonged injury recovery. As the 18-year-old forward’s return to the pitch looms, the anticipation among fans and the football world is palpable.

Arda Güler: The enigmatic youngster yet to grace the pitch

Today marks 103 days since Arda Güler’s signing by Real Madrid, and he still hasn’t had the opportunity to make his debut. The eagerness surrounding his arrival has been fueled by a barrage of praises from his peers and coaches.

Ancelotti hailed his extraordinary talent, Kroos lauded his precise left foot, and Özil predicted he’d become a global star. All this while Güler remained reticent, keeping a low profile since his presentation, although his ambition is undeniably grand.

What draws fans to Arda Güler’s enigmatic aura?

The mystery surrounding Güler’s debut has only fueled the intrigue. The young prodigy’s social media posts garner significant attention, and news about him generates extraordinary numbers.

There’s something undeniably captivating about Güler, though precisely what that is remains a subject for exploration. The anticipation for his debut remains unwavering, even as it takes longer than expected. Over 100 days have passed since his arrival, but the wait is nearly over.

Arda Güler’s recovery progress

Güler is currently free from pain and is expected to rejoin group training this week. Last Wednesday, he made his return to the pitch, initially working alone. On Thursday, he participated in part of the training session with his teammates, focusing on lighter exercises rather than full matches or intense sprints.

On Friday, he had another solo session on the field. The club is closely monitoring his progress, and his return seems right on track. This Tuesday, the three-week mark of his injury will be reached, signifying a significant milestone. While the possibility of needing a fourth week was initially considered, it appears to be unnecessary at this stage.

The enigmatic date of Arda Güler’s debut

The exact date of Güler’s debut remains shrouded in secrecy, but a debut at the Pizjuán is not out of the question. If he responds well to training over the next few days, he could be included in the traveling squad. However, he will only play if there is zero risk of a recurrence of his injury.

The timeline is not rushed, and should this plan not materialize, the following fixture against Braga (Tuesday 24th) is the last game before the Clásico, a conservative estimate of his return date. Güler’s debut in the iconic white jersey is tantalizingly close, finally marking the end of 103 days of anticipation and excitement.

Arda Güler’s mindset and humility shine through

Kroos shared: “Many 18-year-old players already believe they’re very good and shy away from advice, thinking they don’t need it. He is the opposite. He asks questions during training with humility. He has that mentality: he wants to learn.”

Arda Güler joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2023 from Turkish side Fernebache and due to his two injuries so far, he is yet to make any appearance for the club.

His dazzling dribbles in training sessions have made fans hopeful that Real have signed a player with an unending potential.

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