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Ancelotti will not put pressure on Arda Güler

Emmanuel Adjetey



Arda Güler had to wait seven months to make his debut in white. But in just sixty minutes, he has shown that he possesses the makings of a great player. For everyone who thinks the Turk can make a significant contribution to Madrid’s game, his debut could not have come at a more encouraging time—never mind the opponent or the circumstances.

At Real Madrid, they are thrilled to witness and celebrate Arda Güler‘s first steps as a football player. However, they are aware that nothing should be hurried and that everything must take its natural course.

A gifted footballer

Ancelotti immediately makes it apparent that he possesses a natural talent for football. It is intrinsic because of his audacious comprehension of this activity and the attention-grabbing quality and quickness with which he executes it. His little stature has enabled him to get recognition and gain admission to Real Madrid. After the injuries have healed, it’s time to adjust that physique to the physical demands of modern football.

The Madrid coaches are quite clear that the goal is to provide him with the tools he needs to compete on an even playing field, or on a par with other players’ abilities. It is not about prioritizing physicality over skill. Not pausing, but also not hurrying. All it takes is time and effort. The midfield player in Valdebebas gains both with and without the assistance of a personal trainer.

People trust in his potential

There is complete faith in his abilities. He is aware of what he is dealing with. Güler has to be looked after and safeguarded. It is now his responsibility to develop that competitive rhythm. This is for him to stand out in the crowd and demonstrate the material he covers in each training session. January is a busy month with lots of games.

Güler drags a lot behind him. Turkish supporters saw in him the hero who might elevate the national team to prominence. His injury severely damaged a lot of people’s morale. That is why they are not putting so much pressure on him. He was subbed off sixty minutes in his debut game.

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