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Arda Güler’s recovery nearing completion, debut with Real Madrid possible before 2023 ends




The journey of Arda Güler’s recovery continues at an encouraging pace, hinting at the possibility for the young Turkish talent to make his debut with Real Madrid before the conclusion of 2023.

Although the chances are not abundant due to the meticulous precautions being taken by the Real Madrid staff to prevent a recurrence of the midfielder’s persistent injuries, Carlo Ancelotti offered promising updates on Güler’s status this Friday.

“He’s at the end of the recovery. Next week, he’ll start with the most intense part. He’s very close to reaching his peak. I talk to him every day, like with every injured player. And I need a lot of time because there are many injured players..,” said Carletto in Valdebebas, highlighting Arda Güler’s recovery while expressing the challenges posed by multiple injured players.

Arda Güler's recovery

Arda Güler’s recovery nearing as he’s back in training

If Güler manages to rejoin group training next week at a satisfactory pace, he might stand a chance of making it into the final squad for 2023’s last match against Alavés on December 21st.

However, several circumstances need to align, including a relatively comfortable game where Ancelotti deems Güler fit for a few minutes on the field. Despite these prerequisites, indications point towards Güler’s potential debut at the start of 2024, likely in a Copa match against a lower-tier opponent.

For Güler to make his mark, he needs to be fit and available—a status that has eluded him thus far. Suffering a meniscus injury during preseason in the US followed by a significant muscular setback during his recovery, Güler struggled to regain full fitness.

Ancelotti emphasized the challenge, citing Güler’s youthful build as a hindrance. However, both the club and the player are eager for this recovery to be the definitive one. With numerous absentees, the opportunities for consistent playtime are abundant, and Güler is determined to seize them.

As the Real Madrid faithful eagerly await Güler’s potential debut, the coming weeks hold the promise of an exciting entry onto the field for the talented Turkish midfielder, marking a significant moment in his journey with the club.

source: AS

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