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Sergio Arribas Opens Up About His Decision to Leave Real Madrid

Emmanuel Adjetey



Sergio Arribas, the talented 22-year-old midfielder, recently shed light on his decision to part ways with Real Madrid and join Almeria for his debut season in the First Division. Speaking to Álex Ivars, Arribas explained the motives behind his move and provided insights into his journey from the Real Madrid academy to a solo life in Almeria.

“For my first season, I’m not looking bad. It’s true that I needed to get out of what Castilla was, I needed to go out to a First Division to gain experience, to get minutes,” Arribas expressed. He also emphasized the importance of exposure to top-tier football for his development. After spending 11 years at ‘La Fábrica’ and making his first-team debut in September 2020, Arribas acknowledged the necessity of learning and improving in his debut season in the First Division.

Arribas on his first season in Madrid 

Reflecting on his adaptation to life away from home, Arribas shared his experience of transitioning from living in Madrid with family and friends to living alone in Almeria. Despite occasional companionship from his parents or girlfriend, Arribas highlighted the warm welcome he received from the people in Almeria, making his adjustment smoother.

While discussing his goals and aspirations, Arribas reiterated his desire to succeed at Real Madrid. “My goal has always been to succeed at Real Madrid, and hopefully, it will be fulfilled,” he stated on Radio MARCA. However, for the current season, Arribas has embraced the challenge of aiding Almeria’s survival in the league, even as they languish at the bottom of the table with a significant point deficit.

 Almeria’s top scorer

Arribas, who has scored five goals this season, has emerged as Almeria’s top scorer, showcasing his offensive prowess. Despite the team’s precarious situation, he remains optimistic, emphasizing the need to focus on the day-to-day challenges and treating each game as a final to secure survival.

As he continues to make a mark in his debut First Division season, his journey from Real Madrid to Almeria serves as a testament to the young midfielder’s determination to evolve and contribute to his team’s success.

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