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Barcelona expresses concerns over referee decisions in recent matches




In a surprising development, FC Barcelona is adopting a measured stance following recent referee controversies, particularly the high-profile incident at the Bernabéu and contentious decisions in the Betis match that nearly led to defeat.

Via Maxima Coach Xavi Hernández openly expressed frustration in a post-match press conference, shedding light on the team’s discontent with inconsistent referee calls.

The concern within Barcelona is palpable, with growing apprehension about what might unfold in the upcoming weeks. As of now, the club has not announced any public actions.

Barcelona is hopeful for a period free of controversies and expects fair decisions from VAR.

They are prepared to take action if issues arise during the critical phase of the championship.

Despite earlier setbacks, Barcelona remains confident in their ability to clinch the league title.

The recent match against Betis could serve as a turning point, especially with Xavi soon having his complete squad (except Gavi) at his disposal.

While the point difference is substantial, Barcelona believes it’s not insurmountable, particularly without additional controversies.

They acknowledge the pressure from Real Madrid on referees but trust that things will even out in crucial clashes in the second half of the season.

Barcelona aims to redirect attention to the sporting side, having already taken positive steps since their disappointing exit from the Supercopa.

The unwavering support for Xavi Hernández from the club’s leadership is evident. The coach’s remarks on refereeing performances resonate throughout the entire club, emphasizing their reluctance to use it as an excuse.

Despite frustration over events at the Santiago Bernabéu, both Xavi and the club have refrained from delving deeper, determined not to let more instances pass unnoticed.

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