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Jude Bellingham expresses gratitude to coach Ancelotti and promises to improve after winning Golden Boy Award




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Jude Bellingham, the 20-year-old English midfielder, has become the talk of the town this season as he leads Real Madrid with an impressive record of 15 goals and 4 assists.

His outstanding performances have earned him the coveted Golden Boy award for the best young player.

Speaking to Italian media outlet Tuttospot, Bellingham credited his success to coach Ancelotti, who found the perfect position for him and granted him more freedom on the field.

“I put in my efforts and fierce commitment to surpass myself through hard work, but credit goes to Mr. Ancelotti, who found the right position for me and gave me more freedom on the field. So now, I’m flying on the pitch thanks to him,” said Jude Bellingham.

While expressing his gratitude to Ancelotti, Bellingham admitted his struggle with the Spanish language but promised to improve. He acknowledged the support he received from his teammates, family, and fans, emphasizing their crucial role in his achievements.

He said: “I know I’m disappointing him in one aspect… I still don’t speak Spanish. I’m sorry, but I’m facing unexpected obstacles with this language. It’s difficult for me, I admit. In any case, I promise maximum commitment, guaranteed.

“I want to thank my teammates at Real Madrid and the entire squad, Mr. Ancelotti, the president, my family, my mother Denise, my father Mark, my younger brother Jobe, and the friends who have bombarded me with messages of congratulations and continue to do so. Without all these people, without their help on and off the field, their constant encouragement, and never forgetting the fans who support me, I wouldn’t have been able to win the Golden Boy.”

When asked about who could be his successor, Bellingham had only praise for the Turkish player, considering him one of the best players for the future: “I’ll mention three names. First, Arda Güler. He’s a phenomenon; we see him training, and we’re delighted with him. Then my former teammate Jamie Bynoe-Gittens from Borussia Dortmund,” the English midfielder stated.

“And lastly, my brother Jobe, a pure-blooded forward like our father. By the way, I send greetings to my friend Jamal Musiala, who finished second and with whom I shared the dressing room in the English youth teams for about three years.”

Looking ahead, Bellingham expressed his ambition to continue growing and winning more trophies. As he holds the Golden Boy award, he sees it as a springboard for future success.

Bellingham said: “There are many happy people in Madrid, starting with the president, but above all, I’m proud of myself. I’m happy and obviously grateful to all the jury members who voted for me and showed their support. I really wanted it; it’s a trophy for a lifetime that can only be won once. The honor roll confirms the goodness and authority of the award.

“I’m the third Englishman to win it, after Wayne Rooney, one of my idols, and Sterling. It was my last chance because in 2024, I won’t be able to compete as I’ll exceed the age limit. I’m happy to have achieved it on the third attempt. The Golden Boy is an additional incentive for me to always give more and do better.”

With his determination and talent, Bellingham aims to make a lasting impact at Real Madrid and contribute to the team’s pursuit of titles.

“I’m a person who loves to compete and is ambitious. So now that I have the prestigious Golden Boy in my hands, I want to keep growing rapidly. I hope this award serves as a launching pad to win many other trophies,” concluded the English midfielder.

Jude Bellingham’s rise to prominence at a young age has made him a key figure in Real Madrid’s squad, and his recent accolade further solidifies his potential as one of the brightest talents in the football world.

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