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Bellingham revels in Real Madrid privilege in ‘Universo Real Madrid: United Kingdom’ documentary




Jude Bellingham takes center stage in the documentary ‘Universo Real Madrid: United Kingdom,’ providing a glimpse into his initial months with the iconic club.

In candid moments, the English midfielder openly expresses his sense of privilege and deep honor to wear the Real Madrid colors.

“To see my name with the number and with this training kit and this crest. I feel very honored. I think that’s the biggest word. Privileged. Not many players get the chance to play for such a massive club. You have to be at a certain level in terms of quality and mentality, and being entrusted with that responsibility feels like a great privilege,” confesses Bellingham about the emotions he experiences every time he represents the Real Madrid crest.

Bellingham goes on to elaborate, “Every day I come, I try to work hard to be the best I can. The goal when you come to Real Madrid is to win all the trophies multiple times; that’s really the expectation. Great players and great moments are always associated with significant titles, and you want to add to that history.”

Jude Bellingham attends the 67th Ballon D'Or Ceremony at Theatre Du Chatelet on October 30, 2023 in Paris, France.

The English player was a notable figure in Real Madrid’s training session at the Di Stéfano stadium, where thousands of fans gathered.

Following the session, Bellingham expressed his gratitude for the warm reception, stating, “It’s very nice to feel the affection of the fans. It’s the first time for me, and I’m very grateful. For 2024, I wish for many titles, goals, helping the team win matches, and enjoying being a Real Madrid player.”

Jude Bellingham’s words provide a sincere and insightful perspective on his journey with Real Madrid, highlighting both the honor he feels wearing the club’s badge and the ambitious goals he has set for himself within this legendary football institution.

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