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Bellingham’s teammates react to midfielder speaking Spanish after few months in Spain

Emmanuel Adjetey



Real Madrid’s Jude Bellingham has been making waves both on and off the pitch since his move to the Spanish capital in the summer. The young midfielder’s seamless adaptation to life in Madrid has not gone unnoticed, with his newfound fluency in Spanish becoming a topic of light-hearted banter among his England teammates.

Liked by Ancelotti and the entire dressing room

Despite Carlo Ancelotti’s jests about Jude Bellingham’s language skills, it is clear that the 20-year-old has quickly earned the respect of his Real Madrid teammates and is well-liked in the dressing room. However, a recent video from an England training session has provided a glimpse into Bellingham’s linguistic progress, as he was caught encouraging his teammates in Spanish, exclaiming “Vamos, vamos, vamos.”


Teammates talking about his adaptation

This prompted playful ribbing from his compatriots, with Jack Grealish humorously questioning whether Bellingham, a Birmingham native, was now fully embracing the “Madrileno mindset.” Aaron Ramsdale joined in, jokingly suggesting that Jude Bellingham should embrace his Brummie roots despite his time in Spain.

The light-hearted exchange highlights Jude Bellingham’s impressive ability to integrate himself into a new culture and language at such a young age. It also showcases the camaraderie and banter among the England squad.


Jude Bellingham joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2023 and has had an excellent start, scoring 17 times for Los Blancos in the first part of the season.




Quick adaptation to life in Madrid

Jude Bellingham’s adaptation to life in Spain has not only been on the field but also off it, and it seems that his Spanish language skills are coming along quite nicely. As he continues to thrive at Real Madrid, his ability to embrace new experiences and cultures will undoubtedly serve him well in his burgeoning career.

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