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Bellinghman speaks on Mbappe and Kane




Thursday morning saw a lot of emotions at Valdebebas as Real Madrid unveiled Jude Bellingham. After the official presentation, the player met the press and spoken about several topics including of course, Kylian Mbappe. This is what ensued during the presser.

Jude Bellingham: “The reason I said today is my best day is because Real Madrid is the best cub in the history of the game. Money is not a problem for me. It has never been. I spoke to Juni Calafat and Jose Angel and I got good feelings about the club.”

Bellingham: “Thank you to Vallejo for giving me his number 5. I spoke to him about it and he was a very nice guy.”

Bellingham: “I had a bit of contact with Ancelotti. What he has achieved is incredible. For me he is one of the best ever.”

Your father was crying a moment ago.

Bellingham: “He does not often cry. Maybe it’s sweat the was runnning down his chin.”

Bellingham: “I admire Zidane very much, his legacy in this club and with this number. I’m different. It’s a number that inspires me. The 22 has been my number for a long time, but now I will take the 5. We’ll see in the future.”

Bellingham: “I think that England’s respect for Madrid is extraordinary, their pedigree in Europe is important. I have seen games from previous years, I understood their achievements and I was always very interested.”

Bellingham: “Would I like to play with a player like Mbappé? Who wouldn’t?”

Bellingham: “I know there is a lot of demand here, I have a great responsibility. When you play at a professional level, with adults, even though you are a child, you must learn faster. I have always adapted well. I know how important this is.”

Bellingham: “City winning the Champions League and beating Real Madrid? It gives up more fire to go for it next year.”

Bellingham: “Modrić and Kroos? For me, it’s an invaluable experience for my career. The way they play, their experience, their vision. I’m going to hit them for the first few weeks, I hope it doesn’t bother them. We have an extraordinary team.”

Bellingham on Mbappé: “As I said with Kane, I can’t comment on that. They are incredible players, let’s see how things go. I’ve read things on Twitter, but not everything we see is true. He is great, and we always want to play with the best. We would all like to play with him.”

Bellingham: “The trophy room was shocking. I can’t wait to hold one with my hands.”

Bellingham: “Money isn’t that important, I didn’t think about it. I have never done it to choose the team. I talked to Dortmund, I loved what Real Madrid gave off, I wanted it to be fast.”

Bellingham: “I am a midfielder who can do a little of everything. I can do whatever the coach asks. I hope I can try it at Madrid, I will always help the team.”
Bellingham: “The first call from Madrid? I was always aware, but when my father told me that Madrid were interested… I don’t know, I didn’t expect it. It’s an extraordinary feeling.”
Jude Bellingham: “I know that a lot has been paid for me, but the price does not worry me. I’m not a lawyer or an accountant, I’m a player and I’m here to play. I hope my experience helps me deal with the pressure. I don’t think I have a problem.”

Bellingham: “Yes, in the national team everyone wanted me in the Premier League. But I wanted to get out of the comfort zone and the easiest way was to go back to England, but in Madrid, I had to take advantage of the opportunity. It’s the right move. It’s where I wanted to be.”

Bellingham: “I have always been a big fan of Madrid, I saw them in England. When the players are on the field, it’s extraordinary. I don’t know… It’s a team you always want to go to. It’s exciting. It’s an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.”
Bellingham: “The decision to come? The exact moment is difficult to say. I have always admired the club a lot, in the final against Liverpool I was there… There have been many things that have made me decide.”

Bellingham: “I didn’t want to bother Zidane in Paris too much, we haven’t contacted much. As I said, it is an honor to carry his number. He is an extraordinary person.”

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