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Bernd Reichart explained the impact of the ruling and why the Super League could give clubs control over their destiny




In the wake of the recent European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision against UEFA’s monopoly on European football competitions, the Super League has gained traction as a potential game-changer for clubs across the continent. Bernd Reichart, CEO of A22 Sports Management, spoke with Mundo Deportivo about the impact of the ruling and why the Super League could give clubs control over their destiny.

The ECJ decision surprised clubs with its clarity, prompting a closer look at the opportunities it presents. Reichart explained that the goal is to empower European clubs to manage their own destinies, freeing them from external restrictions like those imposed by UEFA.

When asked about a possible agreement between A22, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and UEFA, Reichart emphasized their openness to dialogue. However, he stressed that the Super League aims to provide more autonomy to clubs, allowing them to make decisions about their competitions without external interference.

Regarding club interest in the Super League, Bernd Reichart revealed ongoing discussions with those they had introduced the project to over the year, estimating engagement from around forty to fifty interested teams.

Concerning the start of the 2025-26 season, Reichart refrained from speculating on dates but expressed the ambition to kick off as soon as possible. He highlighted the Super League’s proposal to offer the best of European football for free, featuring more attractive matches than both the old and new Champions League.

Addressing clubs supporting UEFA, Reichart underscored the importance of offering an appealing format, governance giving more say to clubs, and a convincing economic model. He emphasized the need to strengthen clubs and domestic leagues economically through a more attractive tournament.

Finally, Reichart tackled concerns about talent concentration in the Super League and its impact on domestic leagues. He argued that the Super League integrates with, rather than invades, the national calendar, allowing clubs to adjust their squads based on matchloads. In his view, this revitalizes domestic leagues by maintaining competition and improving football quality.

In summary, the Super League emerges as a proposal aiming to reshape European football, providing greater autonomy to clubs and offering a fairer, more attractive approach for all parties involved.

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