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Bonucci talks his admiration for Real Madrid, Bellingham, Modric and more




In an exclusive interview with MARCA, Leo Bonucci talks about his life, career, and the almost-realized dream of joining Real Madrid. Currently playing for Union Berlin in the Bundesliga, Bonucci reflects on the twists of fate that brought him to this new chapter in his footballing journey.

A New Beginning in Berlin

Bonucci talks about the challenges of adapting to life in Berlin, away from his family in Turin: “It’s been a significant change in my life. I’m alone, and my family is in Turin. The first month and a half were difficult, but now everything is more comfortable.”

Real Madrid: The Almost Dream

Intriguingly, Bonucci reveals, “It was the summer of 2017, after losing the final in Cardiff. Negotiations with Real Madrid intensified, but it didn’t materialize. They opted for a younger player. Nevertheless, I hold deep affection, respect, and admiration for the club. Possibly the greatest in the world.”

Extraterrestrial Talent in Jude Bellingham

Praising Real Madrid’s rising star, Jude Bellingham, Bonucci labels him an “extraterrestrial” for adapting to the team at just 20: “Bellingham is an extraterrestrial. I’m very surprised. Not just for his quality, which was known, but for how a 20-year-old adapted to a team like Real Madrid.”

Luka Modric: A Madrid Maestro

Expressing deep admiration, Bonucci singles out Luka Modric, saying, “I feel a strong connection with him. His leadership, skill, and impact on the pitch are unique. Aspiring to be a coach, I see Carlo Ancelotti as a role model, recognizing the value of both tactical and human qualities.”

Life Beyond Bernabéu

The interview takes a personal turn, exploring Bonucci’s interests outside football. He shares, “I collect football jerseys. I find strength in moments like a family health crisis.” The discussion concludes with Bonucci expressing concern about growing negativity on social media and his hope for a more compassionate online environment.

Real Madrid is set to face Union Berlin in the last match for the Champions League group stage tonight. Los Blancos eager to win the group while Union Berlin looking for potential Europa League qualification should they win and Napoli win their match.

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