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Carlo Ancelotti closes door on new signings




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Real Madrid will travel to Balaidos on Friday to continue their impressive start to the league season. After winning their first two games, Los Blancos go into the game as the big favorites.

Head coach Carlo Ancelotti faced the media and answered questions on transfers, his new system among others.

To begin with, Ancelotti made it clear Kepa will make his debut on Friday: “Yes, Kepa will start tomorrow.”

On the Luis Rubiales-Hermoso incident 

“It’s a delicate subject, but it’s been a behaviour that I didn’t like at all, obviously. It was not the behaviour of a president of the Federation.”

On the state of the squad

“I have good feelings with the team. I see a quality and motivated template. With enthusiasm. That’s the feeling I have.”

Gabri Veiga choosing Saudi Arabia

“Arabia offers more money than European football, it’s a fact. What is happening, everyone can do what they want. It is clear that international organizations must evaluate this issue well and make the necessary decisions to balance the market.”


“Modrić has already decided what he wants to do. Not usual for him, he’s not playing as usual. Obviously he’s not happy, but he’s very good. For everyone, including me, it is particular that he does not play from the start. But he will contribute as he did.”

“Do I feel comfortable with Rubiales as president? I think that a person’s behavior does not affect me. I have very clear ideas, of how I have to behave, I am perfectly aware of being a Real Madrid coach. I’ll keep what I have to do.”

On Jude Bellingham 

“Bellingham already showed he is a very vertical player in Dortmund, perhaps more with the ball than without it. His adaptation has been very good, because he is very intelligent and moves very well without a ball.”

About making new signings

“I discard it. 100%.”



“Do I think Rubiales should resign? I’ll keep what I said, I don’t know if he’s going to resign. I hope they make the right decision.”

On Tchouaméni’s form

“He is the one in the first part of the season and he is demonstrating what he demonstrated last year. He is a very important pivot for our game.”

“It has been a very important period, because without so many games we can put in intense workloads. We did it at the beginning of each week. We have been able to do that, but it is something unusual. Next week we will do the same work.”

On Vini and Rodrygo adapting to the new system

“I think Rodrygo has no problem, he is used to playing a little more inside. Vini is adapting very well, because he is having a lot of chances. The truth is I’m not forcing it. I have quality to choose from. Inside, I think they will have more opportunities to score.”

Ancelotti continues: “Inside you can shoot at a touch, if you are on the outside you can’t do it. I had a player, Inzaghi, who scored 200 of his 300 goals with a touch. I’m not saying it’s similar, but they must learn to move like this in the area.”

On Fede’s new role 

“I think that in the system, Fede’s position has changed a little. He plays a little further back than last year and that can help him. He has perfectly understood that if he has space, he has to run with the ball.”

“For him, playing one or two touches doesn’t make sense. He has a great quality to drive the ball. I will never ask him to play one or two touches.”

On whether there is fear of Saudi Arabia

“Afraid of Saud Arabia? I don’t think so. Our staff is closed. Someone may change their mind, but I don’t know about this. I’m not afraid of this.”

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