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Carlo Ancelotti explains why he got angry at Rodrygo for taking the penalty




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Real Madrid made it a perfect start to the league season after winning their third straight game. Due to the current renovation works at the Bernabéu, Los Blancos have begun the season playing away games only.

The team traveled to Vigo on Friday night to beat Celta 0-1 on the eve of the home club’s 100th anniversary.

Once again, new signing Jude Bellingham got the match winning goal.

The goal came in the 81st minute, but much talk was  made about the 68th minute penalty missed by Rodrygo. The Brazilian shot the ball to the right side of Celta goalkeeper Ivan Villar.

However, it turns out the player was not even the allocated player to take the spot kick.

As relayed by this portal during the pre-season, Carlo Ancelotti made it clear who should take Real Madrid’s penalties this season last month. 

With Luka Modrić on the pitch, he was the first choice for the spot kick.

Immediately the penalty was won, Rodrygo took the ball. This triggered Carlo Ancelotti, who signaled to midfielder Fede Valverde to ask Modric to take the penalty instead.

The Uruguayan did not have much time to relay the information, after which Rodrygo’s effort was saved.

The Italian manager then expressed his frustration by dropping something in his hand, which appeared to be his pack of gum.


At the post-match press conference, Ancelotti said: “There’s no leeway. I don’t know what happened. I told Valverde that Modrić should take the penalty and I don’t know what happened between them.”

“Vini wasn’t there, he was the one who was supposed to take it. They decided that Rodrygo should take it because I don’t think Valverde was able to tell Modrić that he should have taken it.”

“It angered me a bit, but it could have been a misunderstanding. I don’t think Valverde had time to tell them, I’ll look into it in the next few days.”

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