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Carlo Ancelotti names surprising lineup against Arandina to begin Real’s Copa del Rey defence




(Photo via Real Madrid)

Carlo Ancelotti, the seasoned manager of Real Madrid, has strategically unveiled his lineup for the Copa del Rey clash against Arandina, sparking intrigue among fans with a selection that features several surprises. As Los Blancos embark on their journey to defend the coveted Cup against Arandina tonight, the spotlight is on the Italian tactician and his calculated choices.

Kepa returns

In the crucial position of goalkeeping, Kepa Arrizabalaga has been entrusted with the responsibility, a decision that was disclosed earlier by Ancelotti. The selection of Arrizabalaga signals Ancelotti’s confidence in the goalkeeper’s abilities, setting the tone for a match where every decision could influence the outcome.


Real Madrid arrived at Aranda de Duero earlier today ahead of tonight’s Cup game.

The Copa del Rey holds a special place in the hearts of Real Madrid fans, and Ancelotti recognizes the importance of a strong start in their quest to retain the trophy. The upcoming weeks are anticipated to be challenging for Los Blancos, with a demanding fixture list that necessitates the utilization of all available resources.

Ancelotti’s ability to manage and rotate his squad effectively will be put to the test as Real Madrid faces a grueling schedule. The surprises in the lineup indicate his intention to keep opponents guessing while also providing opportunities for various players to showcase their skills and contribute to the team’s success.

Starting lineup:

Kepa, Vinicius Tobias, Nacho, Carrillo, Camavinga, Ceballos, Nico Paz, Arda Güler, Brahim and Joselu.

The Turkish star makes his debut for Los Blancos tonight.

Real Madrid enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome of this Copa del Rey clash, hoping that Ancelotti’s strategic choices will set the tone for a successful campaign. The Italian manager’s rich experience and tactical acumen will undoubtedly play a crucial role as Los Blancos navigate through the challenges that lie ahead in their pursuit of silverware.

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