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Carlo Ancelotti speaks before Almeria trip




Ancelotti at his press conference (Photo via Real Madrid)

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti met the media after training on Friday in the pre-match press conference before facing Almeria on Saturday night.

The Italian boss answered various questions including the recent injuries, signing a new center back and star player Vinicius Junior missing out on UEFA’s new rankings.

Firstly, the Italian coach spoke about the game on Saturday: “We have seen Almeria play against Rayo. It’s a well-organized team, they didn’t deserve to lose. It’s going to be an entertaining game because they want to play, they don’t lock themselves behind. We must repeat the Bilbao game.”

“Lunin will start tomorrow. Kepa is adapting well. In the next matches we will see if he plays but tomorrow is for Lunin.”

On the overload of the fixtures

“How not to agree with what Guardiola has said. They try to improve the quality of the show by putting more quantity. The players and coaches don’t paint anything. They want to put in more money to earn more money. This is the problem.”

“The most affected are the players, who suffer more injuries and cannot contribute everything they have. I don’t know when this is going to change.”

Signing a center back

“We are well covered. We have many players with a lot of experience. We have Marvel, we will turn to the youth team.”



“The time for tomorrow’s game? I’m not very worried. The hydration break can help.”

“Vini not in the UEFA top 10? Nothing surprises me. Vinicius is motivated.”

Camavinga being absent from training

“Yesterday Camavinga felt a little overload and today we didn’t take any risks. He will be in the squad list. If the overload disappears tomorrow, he will play.”



“Arabia is putting a lot of money to improve its league. They have the right to do it within the rules that exist, of financial fair play.”

Rotations between Kepa and Lunin

“I don’t know, because the truth is that Kepa already has a very high level. He has a lot of experience internationally and this is missing from Lunin. We are not going to do many rotations. One or the other.”

Room for improvement for Camavinga

“We are trying to get more chances on goal. He needs to reach the rival goal with more danger. He has had more difficulty approaching the goal.”

The ACL injuries

“It’s very difficult to know why this happens. We have to evaluate a lot of things. Militão was very good at the level of strength. Courtois, the same. We had no alarm in this regard. It was bad luck.”

Kroos and Modrić

“They are very good, they have trained very well this week, like the others. We are lucky to have a week to prepare for the game, it’s something unusual. They are ready to play.”

Possibility of signing Ansu Fati

“He is a young man who is very talented and who is going to have a great future. That’s all.”


“For me, the locker room is sacred. It doesn’t make sense for me to have a camera before a game.”

“Vini not in the UEFA XI? I don’t care much and I don’t think Vinicius cares either. I think he has been the player who has made the most difference. He lacks only the continuity of having this. The progression, he already had it. It’s quite strange, but it’s not that important.”

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