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Carlo Ancelotti speaks following renewal, predicts bright future for franchise




(Photo via Real Madrid)

Real Madrid announced on Friday afternoon that head coach Carlo Ancelotti had renewed his contract until 2026.

The announcement came as a surprise to many who expected the Italian to vacate his position after the season.

Following the renewal, veteran midfielder Luka Modric shared his thoughts on the subject: “It is something very important, we are very happy that he continues. It is a very correct decision by the club, he is very loved in the locker room.”

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the club’s official press after putting pen to paper.

The 64-year-old started: “It’s a very happy day. I am very happy to continue dreaming at this club, with this hobby and these players. It’s a day that I have to write down on the calendar because it’s a happy day. I have renewed because the team has been successful in recent years and this year we are also having it.”

He added: “The club sees that there is a good atmosphere between us and this is very important because without a good relationship between the coach and the players the club cannot succeed. Obviously, I thank the club for the renewal, but also the players, who are showing an extraordinary attitude.”

Madrid a family

“Real Madrid is for me, above all, a family. The atmosphere that this club generates around it is very familiar, starting with the president. Each of us brings out the best because we work in a family environment.”

Admiration for Florentino

“I consider Florentino a father of a family and a man who in football he has achieved what no one has been able to achieve. He continues to maintain a very strong motivation because he is the first fan of this club. He was since he was a child and this allows him to have a special love for this shirt. It keeps the club at the top. What he has done in the last 20 years is quite important for Real Madrid, as Santiago Bernabéu was in the era of the 50s.”


Carlo Ancelotti will stay at Real Madrid until at least 2026 by contract.

Bright future for club

“This club has a future. The past is already written and the present we are writing. Above all, it has a future with a very young squad and very talented players. The future of this club will be successful, as was the past and the present. With the generation of new footballers coming out, Madrid’s future will be very successful.”

His unforgettable moments at Real Madrid

“There are many. We started with Bale’s goal at Valencia in the Cup final, Ramos’ goal in 2014 or the moments that were experienced in the 14th UCL trophy: the semifinal and the comeback against PSG. I don’t forget any moment. Last year’s victory in the league, the Super Cup and the Copa del Rey. All titles are important and cannot be forgotten.”

His impressive numbers in the Champions League

“What has happened is past. I look forward and when they tell me that I have won 4 European Cups, I only think about winning the fifth next year.”

The difference between the Ancelotti that arrived in 2013 and the current one

“I don’t think I’ve changed either in person or my way of coaching. I may have a little more knowledge because I have more experience.”

His coaching staff

“They are young, with a lot of enthusiasm. They want to find new things for training, technology… they help us a lot on a daily basis.”

The new Bernabéu

“I would like to coach the team when they inaugurate the new Bernabéu. With this renewal I can think that the day this team plays its first game at the new Bernabéu I will be on the bench. This is good for me.”

Message to the fans

“I wish all madridistas a happy 2024. We will do it together and together we will try to achieve as much as possible.”


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