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Carlo Ancelotti talks Villarreal match, contract renewal, penalty issues and more




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In the lead-up to the crucial match against Villarreal, Real Madrid’s coach, Carlo Ancelotti talks to the media in the Valdebebas press room to share his thoughts on the team’s state and various important matters.

“We are close to Christmas, and we are playing against a well-organized team. We are in a good moment, as the results show. The players are motivated, and we want to finish this first stretch of the season well,” Carlo Ancelotti talks in a calm manner.

Regarding his own contract renewal, the Italian coach stated: “My time to renew is on July 1, 2024, until then, we are here. I am not in a hurry to renew, nor do I have any issues. I do not expect a gift from Real Madrid in the form of a renewal because I already have it as the coach. I hope to win tomorrow and have a peaceful Christmas.”

Concerning the choice of the starting goalkeeper, Ancelotti affirmed: “I have decided who will be the starting goalkeeper, but I haven’t spoken to them. I want them to know it first from me before reading it in the press, but it’s already decided even though they have made me doubt a lot.”

Regarding the current season, the Madrid coach commented: “I don’t know if it’s the calmest year. Despite the problems we’ve had, we’ve resolved them well. I have confidence in the season, and a coach always has to watch what he has to do, not what he has done. This is very long, and we are only in the first part.”

Ancelotti also addressed the visit of Endrick, a potential future signing: “Endrick? Let him enjoy the moment and what is happening. We are delighted that he could be our player from July. He came to visit us, and we had a chat with him, but we have to wait until July.”

On the topic of the Super League, Ancelotti commented: “I cannot give an opinion on the Super League because I have to wait until the 21st when there might be a decision that could change the current football, but we have to wait.”

Discussing Kroos’s participation with Germany, Ancelotti praised: “Kroos with Germany? If Kroos is going to play with Germany, Germany is lucky to have one of the best midfielders in the world.”

Regarding the rivalry between Barça and Real Madrid, Ancelotti expressed: “I cannot choose which team is more complicated. In general, it is normal for a coach to face criticism. We have to accept it, and then everyone can choose the criticisms they consider fair and unfair. The judgment of coaches is only based on results. No one cares about the coach’s methodology or the ability to handle the dressing room. It’s only whether he wins or not, and Xavi knows this very well, and for me, he is a great coach.”

Finally, he addressed the hierarchy with penalties: “Last year, Benzema took the penalties, and then Modric. Now it has changed, and since Modric hasn’t played, we are forming a new line. We are fixing it because Joselu also takes them very well, but he doesn’t always play. Hopefully, we will solve this problem soon.”

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