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Carlo Ancelotti’s tête-à-tête with Luka Modric: A tale of respect and reassurance




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Carlo Ancelotti is renowned for his knack to tackle issues head-on, or at least give it his best shot. Profoundly aware of the dynamics within his team, the Italian maestro took the initiative to converse with Luka Modric, ensuring that a potentially awkward situation did not escalate into a more serious rift.

Prior to the international break, Ancelotti and Modric engaged in a candid conversation, a reflection of their mutual understanding. They both comprehend that the best interests of Real Madrid are paramount. One will continue to make decisions while the other acknowledges his continued significance, albeit in a slightly altered role from his established position at the club.

Ancelotti and Modric: A match made in understanding

Ancelotti and Modric’s relationship is one characterized by a deep understanding. There are no sporting secrets between them. Ancelotti’s unwavering friendship with the Croatian, in the often complex world of player-coach relationships, is a testament to their unique connection.

Ancelotti recognizes the need to make challenging decisions, some of which may be painful, not only concerning Modric but also involving other players. In many cases, he engages in conversations with them to prevent tense situations and potential misunderstandings. Such was the case before Modric departed for international duty.

Second face-to-face encounter

This season, Ancelotti, for the second time, conversed with Modric to elucidate that the Croatian midfielder will continue to feature prominently in the starting lineup for Real Madrid. The coaching staff is content with the performances put in by Modric, especially in light of the delicate situation regarding his substitution in the derby and subsequent spells on the bench. Modric’s unwavering professionalism played a vital role in this regard. He never dropped his guard and made meaningful contributions every time he was called upon.

Understanding player frustration

Coaches, including Ancelotti, often empathize with the moments of anguish players experience when they transition from being undisputed starters to a more rotational role. Ancelotti, himself, has experienced these emotions. He acknowledges the emotions surrounding these decisions but remains convinced that Modric will continue to be instrumental in Real Madrid’s immediate future.

Modric’s remarkable year

Over the past twelve months, Modric has played a staggering 72 games, representing both his national team and Real Madrid. His footballing prowess, dedication, and unwavering professionalism permit him to maintain this rigorous schedule. When Real Madrid extended his contract, it was done with a strong belief in his capabilities, and there are no signs at Valdebebas suggesting a hasty departure in January. In fact, Modric himself has not hinted at any such notion.

Modric’s perspective

Modric shared his perspective, stating, “This is a new situation for me. It’s true that I don’t play as much as I used to or as much as I’d like to. I always want to play, I don’t want vacations. This makes me feel better and prepares me better for matches.”

Ongoing dialogue

Ancelotti and Modric continue their dialogue, understanding the natural frustration that stems from reduced playing time. The Real Madrid camp perceives that the strange aspect, if any, would be a player as ambitious and eager to contribute as Modric expressing contentment. The turning point arrived with the substitution at the Metropolitano, a moment that was not only logical but a reminder of the reality of football.

Upcoming challenges

With the fixture list becoming increasingly demanding, Modric’s starting role in the upcoming Sevilla match seems unlikely, given that he would have played two matches for his national team. However, the return of the Champions League offers a new window of opportunity. As Ancelotti has demonstrated this season, there is room and time for everyone. Modric is no ordinary player; he is and will continue to be a cornerstone of Real Madrid.

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