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Chelsea interested in Kylian Mbappe who is believed to have different priorities




Chelsea has expressed a keen interest in acquiring the services of French superstar Kylian Mbappé.

However, the path to securing the highly sought-after forward remains uncertain, as Mbappé has long harbored dreams of donning the iconic white jersey of Real Madrid, according to reports from RMC Sport.

Renowned transfer expert Fabrizio Romano has shed further light on the situation, revealing that Paris Saint-Germain firmly believes that Mbappé has already reached an agreement with Real Madrid for a free transfer in 2024.

This revelation has left PSG in a state of dismay, as they had set a deadline of July 15 for Mbappé to either commit to a new contract or seek a departure from the club.

Adding to the intrigue, Mbappé has been excluded from PSG’s pre-season tour, further fueling speculation that the French giants are now open to entertaining offers for their prized asset.

The club’s hierarchy has reportedly labeled Mbappé as “FOR SALE” effective immediately, indicating a potential shift in their stance on the player’s future.

Despite PSG’s belief that Mbappé has already agreed to join Real Madrid on a free transfer, the player himself has not communicated any such decision, leaving the Parisian club feeling betrayed.

This contradiction is particularly striking, as Mbappé has previously stated in interviews that he would never leave PSG without a transfer fee being involved.

In response to the uncertainty surrounding Mbappé’s future, PSG is determined not to be held hostage by the demands of a single player. The club is keen to avoid being “paralysed” by the situation and is prepared to explore all options to ensure their continued success.

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