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David Alaba expected to spend more time out injured as meniscus and cartilage were affected in ACL tear – report




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On December 17, Real Madrid was hit with the disheartening news of yet another player falling victim to a torn ACL, marking the third occurrence in the current season for Los Blancos. This time, it was the seasoned Austrian center-back, David Alaba, who suffered the setback during a home league clash against Valencia.

Real confirmed ACL tear

The 31-year-old’s injury was confirmed later that night by the club, casting a shadow over his immediate future on the pitch. Despite the setback, there is a glimmer of hope as Alaba has undergone successful surgery in Austria and is now committed to a rigorous recovery process.

More bad news?

However, the situation takes a more complex turn as additional complications have emerged. According to Ramón Álvarez, alongside the cruciate ligament injury, Alaba has also impacted the meniscus and cartilage. In a bid to regenerate the damaged cartilage, medical professionals have resorted to micro-perforations, a procedure designed to stimulate blood flow to the affected tissue.

While this approach is expected to prolong the recovery period, it is viewed as a necessary step to safeguard Alaba’s long-term career prospects. The decision to address the meniscus and cartilage concerns reflects a comprehensive approach aimed at ensuring the defender’s return to the pitch is not only swift but also sustainable.

ACL injuries are a worry for club and fans

Real Madrid fans are undoubtedly anxious about the absence of Alaba, given his defensive prowess and experience. The repeated occurrence of ACL injuries within the team raises questions about the broader aspects of player fitness and injury prevention strategies employed by the club.

As Alaba embarks on his journey to recovery, the spotlight now turns to Real Madrid’s medical and coaching staff to devise measures that can mitigate the risk of such injuries in the future. The meticulous rehabilitation process undertaken by the player will be closely monitored, as the club and fans alike eagerly await his triumphant return to the pitch.

In the face of adversity, the hope is that David Alaba’s resilience will shine through, and the extended recovery period will ultimately contribute to a stronger and more resilient player ready to rejoin the ranks of Los Blancos.

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