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Dembelé’s heartfelt reaction to Camavinga’s injury




Real Madrid has got some bad news – Eduardo Camavinga won’t be playing for several weeks because he got hurt during training with the French national team.

His injury happened when Dembelé accidentally collided with him, causing a knee problem.

This international break has been tough for Real Madrid. Both Vinicius and Camavinga got injured and won’t be able to play for a while.

Camavinga’s injury, caused by the accident with Dembelé, means he won’t be on the field for quite some time. Dembelé felt sorry about it and personally apologized to Camavinga when he found out how serious the injury was.

Dembelé said, “It was my fault, I’m sorry…” Camavinga told him it’s part of the game and not to worry.

Real Madrid officially shared the news about Camavinga’s injury on social media, saying, “Camavinga has a knee injury, and we’re waiting to see how he recovers.”

This is a tough situation for Real Madrid, especially because Camavinga was playing really well.

Despite the disappointment, Dembelé’s apology has been a positive thing in this difficult time. Now, everyone is hoping Camavinga gets better soon and can come back to play for Real Madrid.

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