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Earthquake hits Naples, Real Madrid’s base for the clash against Napoli – report




Photo via Getty Images

Real Madrid traveled to Naples on Monday morning ahead of Tuesday night’s clash against Napoli. Carlo Ancelotti’s men are staying at the Grand Hotel Vesuvio in Naples.

According to several sources on Monday night, an earthquake of about 4.0 magnitude was felt around the city.

This happened following Real Madrid’s training session at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium.

No casualties have been reported yet, but photos published so far have shown cracks in some parts of the streets.

A photo published on X showing cracks in the ground

According to Relevo, the 4.0 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale is the  second strongest in 40 years.

The Real Madrid players did not feel it as they are staying 9 kilometers from the epicenter.

Journalist Mirko Calemme reported that the earth tremor lasted for four seconds near the Diego Maradona stadium. In recent days they warned that there was a risk of some of the volcanoes erupting.

Real Madrid will face Napoli at the Diego Maradona Stadium on Tuesday night at 19:00 GMT, corresponding to matchday 2 of the 2023/2024 UEFA Champions League group stage.

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