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 Eder Militao inches closer to Real Madrid comeback after knee injury

Emmanuel Adjetey





Real Madrid’s Eder Militao is on the verge of a significant return to action, with just over a month remaining until a potential inclusion in Carlo Ancelotti’s plans. The Brazilian defender suffered a serious knee injury on August 12, prompting a ruptured cruciate ligament in his left knee, and subsequently, a prolonged absence from the pitch.

Now, six months into his recovery, Militao is making positive strides, aiming for a comeback at the end of February or early March. The focus remains on his knee health and emotional readiness, prioritizing his well-being over immediate team needs.

Since the injury, Militao has demonstrated a commendable work ethic at Valdebebas, navigating the rehabilitation process with diligence. His recovery, from surgery to subsequent rehabilitation, has been smooth and without setbacks.

Militao is actively participating in ballwork during training at the Real Madrid facility, with signs pointing to his potential involvement in specific exercises alongside teammates in the coming days.

While recovery timelines can vary, an eight-month period is generally considered for a return after a cruciate ligament rupture. Militao’s progress suggests a possible reduction of a month and a half from this standard timeline, showcasing encouraging developments.

Recent instances, such as Vinícius’ swift recoveries this season, highlight that certain players can surpass conventional expectations. The Brazilian forward returned ahead of schedule in both instances, illustrating the impact of genetics and a determined approach to rehabilitation.

With Militao’s recovery gaining momentum, Real Madrid supporters eagerly anticipate his return, bolstering the team’s defensive capabilities. His resilience and progress bode well for a successful comeback, with hopes high for him to resume his role as a formidable central defender in the near future.

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