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Endrick talks Mbappé, daily life and title aspirations at Real




Photo via Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s newest signing, the 17-year-old Brazilian striker Endrick, recently opened up about his upcoming move to Los Blancos, playing alongside football talents like Kylian Mbappé, and the various facets of his daily life. Having inked a deal with the Merengues in December 2022, Endrick is poised to join the Spanish giants in the summer of the following year.

In a candid interview with Mario Cortegana, Endrick expressed his ambitious goals with Real Madrid, aiming to clinch five Champions League titles and secure La Liga triumphs a remarkable 10 times. “I would like to win five Champions League titles and La Liga 10 times with Real Madrid,” he affirmed, highlighting his determination to make a significant impact with the prestigious club.

Endrick also shared his excitement about the prospect of playing alongside fellow talents Vinicius, Rodrygo, and the highly acclaimed Kylian Mbappé. The prospect of uniting with these players appears to be a source of inspiration for the young striker.

“It will be very good if I can play with Vinicius, Rodrygo and Mbappe.”

The 17-year-old shed light on his comprehensive support system, including a physiotherapist, personal trainer, social media consultant, media consultant, nutritionist, and a chef. This team of professionals has played a crucial role in enhancing Endrick’s abilities as a footballer, contributing to his overall development.

“I have a physiotherapist, a personal trainer, a social media consultant, a media consultant, a nutritionist and a chef. All of them have helped me to become a better footballer.”

When it comes to mental health, Endrick emphasized the importance of family support, revealing that his family plays a significant role in ensuring his well-being. While he doesn’t have a psychologist personally, he acknowledged the presence of one at Palmeiras, his former club. Discussing his physique, Endrick attributed it to genetics, emphasizing that he has always maintained a certain physical condition.

“The best way of keeping my mental health is being supported by family. They provide for my mental health, which is wonderful. I do not have a psychologist, but there is one in Palmeiras. My physique? I think it’s genetics. I’ve always been like that.”

The young striker also touched upon his relationship with Real Madrid chief scout Juni Calafat, who visits Brazil every two months. Juni provides support, discussing various aspects of football, Real Madrid, and the global football scene, instilling confidence in Endrick even during challenging moments.

“Juni comes to Brazil every two months. He usually comes to my house, we have lunch and talk about football, about me, Palmeiras, Real Madrid and world football in general. He always reassures me and gives me confidence, even in the most difficult moments.”

Reflecting on potential transfers, Endrick acknowledged interest from other major clubs like Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain, particularly during periods of speculation surrounding Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappé. While tempted by the allure of the Premier League, London, and Chelsea’s success, Endrick reiterated that his dream was always to join Real Madrid.

“At one point there was a lot of talk about (Erling) Haaland and (Kylian) Mbappe for Madrid and that was when there was strong interest from Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain. Of course, they are big and important teams. I am very interested in them and they would be excellent options for me. I was attracted by the Premier League, the city of London and the fact that English is the economically dominant language in the world. And obviously Chelsea is a strong brand that has won two Champions Leagues. I was told that it rains a lot in London, but that wouldn’t be a problem for me because, as my father used to say, I always liked playing in the rain. But I always made it clear to my agent that my dream was Real Madrid.”

Detailing his visit to Madrid, Endrick recounted the planned trip to Valdebebas to meet his future teammates, experience a Real Madrid vs Villarreal match at the new Santiago Bernabéu, and engage in discussions with the club president, Florentino Perez. The experience left a profound impact on the young striker, further solidifying his commitment to realizing his dream with Real Madrid.

“We had planned for a long time that I would go to Madrid to see Valdebebas and my future team-mates. To experience Real Madrid vs Villarreal at the new Santiago Bernabéu and talk to Florentino was incredible.”


Endrick with Florentino Pérez

As Endrick prepares for the next chapter in his football journey, his aspirations, support network, and unwavering commitment to Real Madrid offer a glimpse into the promising future of this rising star in the world of football.

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