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Endrick’s father revealed Chelsea’s missed opportunity as Real Madrid secured his signing




In a shocking revelation, Endrick’s father disclosed that Chelsea came tantalizingly close to securing the young talent’s signature before Real Madrid swooped in.

The father recounted the enticing journey to London, prompted by an invitation from Chelsea’s owner, which included witnessing a thrilling match against Arsenal.

“We had the opportunity to see the coach, the facilities, Jorginho, César Azpilicueta, and Thiago Silva. Everything was in order for us and Chelsea,” he revealed.

The prospective move seemed imminent as they were introduced to key aspects of their potential life in London, from housing to schooling and even places of worship.

However, the dream Chelsea move unraveled at the eleventh hour. The father, while stopping short of confirming the signing, stated, “I can’t say 100%, but the agreement was closed.”

The stumbling block emerged when Chelsea’s owner withdrew, citing concerns that the €60m price tag for a 16-year-old would inflate the market.

The twist in the tale led to a sudden turn of events, with Real Madrid entering the picture. Noted football journalist Fabrizio Romano had previously hinted at the intense competition among top clubs for Endrick, and this revelation sheds light on Chelsea’s missed opportunity.

With Real Madrid securing the young sensation, who recently clinched the Brasileirao title, Endrick is now set to join the Spanish giants in 2024.

Chelsea’s loss becomes Real Madrid’s gain as they add another promising talent to their roster, leaving fans and football pundits alike buzzing with speculation on what might have been for Chelsea.

Here’s Endrick’s father full interview via Madrid Xtra: “We received an invitation from Chelsea, from the owner, and we went there to see the club and the country. We saw Chelsea play against Arsenal and we had the opportunity to see the coach, the facilities, Jorginho, César Azpilicueta and Thiago Silva.

“They explained everything to us. We were introduced to the person who would help us settle in. She showed us the house we would live in, the school that Endrick would attend, the church we would attend. Everything was in order for us and Chelsea.

However, everything was twisted at the last moment: I can’t say 100% because I hadn’t signed yet, but the agreement was closed. I had already thought that I would live in London with all that cold weather.

“But then, at night, my son’s representative called and said that the owner of Chelsea withdrew from the deal because the price they would have to pay for Endrick would inflate the market. It was €60m in total for a 16-year-old boy who would arrive in the country almost two years later. Then Real Madrid arrived.”

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