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Endrick’s time to travel to Madrid revealed after making history as Palmeiras clinch Brasileirao title




Endrick won Brasileirao title with Palmeiras

Endrick etched his name in history by securing the Brasileirao championship with Palmeiras after a 1-1 draw against Cruzeiro, where the forward netted the crucial goal for his team.

In an interview after the match, Endrick expressed immense gratitude towards his teammates, saying “As I always say, there’s no such thing as individual prominence for me. My friends kept saying I’d be the star of the championship and would win individual awards, but for me, that’s not important because what matters to me is the team.

“Without them, I’d be nothing. I’m just grateful to be part of this group,” explained the young star in statements to ‘TV Globo’. The future Real Madrid player, set to travel to the Spanish capital next week, played a pivotal role in his team’s title victory.

The plans at Real Madrid revolve around providing him with the necessary space to grow while acknowledging his potential impact within the squad. The club has been in constant contact with the 17-year-old striker over the past year, ensuring his integration and familiarity with the team even before officially joining in July.

Endrick’s evolution has been instrumental for Palmeiras, contributing significantly to their success. His influence extends beyond the field, with a substantial social media following and a lucrative contract with New Balance.

This achievement comes amid ongoing investigations into racist comments directed at Vinicius, a situation prompting the Prosecutor’s Office to struggle in identifying those responsible for the insults during the player’s arrival at Mestalla Stadium.

As Endrick prepares for his journey to Madrid, having already interacted with figures like Ancelotti and Ronaldo Nazario, his performance on the field has dispelled any doubts about his potential, scoring eleven goals and proving pivotal in crucial moments for both Palmeiras and Libertadores.

The Real Madrid camp congratulates Endrick on his second consecutive Brasileirao title, acknowledging his impact and crucial role in Palmeiras’ victory.

As he readies himself to step into the realm of the Santiago Bernabéu, Endrick’s journey from Brasileirao glory to Real Madrid promises an exciting chapter in his burgeoning career.

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