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Epic Clash Between Atlético and Real Madrid Dominates TV Ratings

Emmanuel Adjetey



In a football spectacle that held millions in its grip, the recent cup derby between Atlético and Real Madrid has earned the distinction of being the most-watched program of the day. The Metropolitano match, packed with suspense and unexpected turns, drew an impressive 9,188,000 viewers, securing a substantial 39.5% share.

Staggering numbers for viewership

The round of 16 Copa del Rey showdown proved to be a television sensation, especially during the intense extra time. An average of nearly five million viewers tuned in as Atlético de Madrid sealed a 4-2 victory, ending Real Madrid’s championship reign.

The match’s exceptional viewership catapulted La 1 to the forefront, making it the leading channel of the day with a commendable 16.5% share. A pivotal moment occurred at 11:17 p.m., recording the day’s peak with 5,417,000 viewers and an impressive 39.5% screen share.

The regulation 90 minutes maintained a strong viewership, with an average of 4,771,000 viewers and a 32% share. Throughout this period, 9,188,000 viewers tuned in at different intervals. The 2-2 draw at the end set the stage for extra time. This escalated the excitement and keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Numbers kept increasing

Stoppage time witnessed crucial goals from Griezmann and Riquelme, securing a memorable victory for the Rojiblancos. Viewers followed the thrilling climax with undivided interest, resulting in 4,992,000 admissions and an impressive 40.8% share. A substantial 6,580,000 spectators tuned in at some point during extra time, showcasing the widespread engagement with the match’s climax.

Ahead of the highly anticipated encounter, the preview directed by Juan Carlos Rivero, showcasing the last hour of the match, attracted an additional 3,189,000 spectators and a 22.5% share. The anticipation leading up to the historic clash was palpable. Also, the viewership numbers underscore the immense interest in this fiercely contested derby.

In summary, the Atlético vs. Real Madrid cup clash not only delivered thrilling football action but also emerged as a television phenomenon, captivating millions and solidifying its place as a historic sporting event.

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