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Excitement builds as Real Madrid’s new Santiago Bernabéu hosts sold-out Champions League night




Real Madrid’s upcoming match against Napoli is creating quite a buzz as it’s set to be the first sold-out game at the renovated Santiago Bernabéu for the Champions League.

A week before the match, all available seats, more than usual due to some season ticket holders not having the same status for European games, have been grabbed up.

Real Madrid is being extra careful to make sure tickets bought outside the assigned Napoli fans’ area don’t end up with Italian supporters.

The main goal is to avoid problems like what happened when Real Madrid played in Braga, where some hardcore Madrid fans ended up causing issues by sitting in the wrong section.

Following UEFA rules, teams have to control ticket sales to prevent recurring problems seen in many European games this season.

The demand for tickets has been even higher than expected, with all tickets sold a week before the game.

We can’t be sure where all these tickets will end up, but Real Madrid is doing everything they can to minimize any potential issues and ensure a smooth and trouble-free experience, especially with the likely surge of Italian fans.

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