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Exclusive Interview with Fede Valverde: ‘Real Madrid is the best team in the world’




Fede Valverde, the Uruguayan midfielder for Real Madrid, has once again found himself in the spotlight ahead of the 2024 Supercopa de España semi-final against Atlético Madrid. Having been a key figure in the 2020 final, where his memorable expulsion affected the outcome, Valverde shared his thoughts on that incident, his preferred position, and his impressions of playing in Saudi Arabia.

Question: Fede, before delving into the present, let’s revisit the 2020 Supercopa de España. The expulsion in the final against Atlético Madrid remains etched in memory. What was going through your mind at that moment?

Fede Valverde: We were contesting a tightly fought final. Honestly, in that situation, I would always do it for the team. For the team, you always have to give your all. In that final, with the score so close, I would do it again without hesitation—for my values and for the team.

Question: The 2020 Supercopa de España was special for you as it marked your first Supercopa title. How do you recall that achievement, and what did it mean to you?

Fede Valverde: It was magnificent, my first Supercopa. To secure another title with Real Madrid and enjoy it with the team and family was something very special. Winning titles is something this team demands, and it’s always an honor to contribute to that.

Question: Tomorrow, you’ll face Atlético Madrid again in the 2024 Supercopa de España semi-final. How do you feel about this derby, and how much importance do you give to these matches?

Fede Valverde: For me, it’s very nice to play these matches. At Real Madrid, competing against the best is what it’s all about, and Atlético is among the best globally. We’re fighting for a title, and these matches will be crucial to show the fans that we are determined to compete for all titles.

Question: You’ve shown versatility on the field, playing in various positions. Do you have a positional preference?

Fede Valverde: I’ve played in the midfield my entire life. I can perform in various positions, which helps the team. I’m very content with that mindset of mine. Wherever I have to play, it’s enjoyable, but I particularly relish contributing near the goal.

Question: Regarding the 2024 Supercopa de España, how do you feel about playing in Saudi Arabia and the influx of top players to the Saudi league?

Fede Valverde: Cristiano initiated all of this. It’s crucial to have players of that caliber playing to aid the growth of the Saudi league. It’s always nice to come and play for another title while enjoying representing Real Madrid. Despite differing opinions on whether the Supercopa should be played in Spain or elsewhere, we must fulfill our duties and bring joy to our fans with the utmost respect.

Question: How do you feel at this stage of your career? Do you believe you’re in your prime?

Fede Valverde: It could be. I enjoy myself a lot in this position and can contribute from anywhere. While I’d love to score as many goals as last year and be closer to the goal, one must adapt to what the coach wants.

Question: There have been talks about the possibility of playing in the Saudi league. How do you respond to those rumors, and what does playing for Real Madrid mean to you?

Fede Valverde: At present, it’s impossible. I’m very happy where I am. Real Madrid is the best team in the world, and neither 10, 20, nor 30 million would change that. I am happy; my family is happy in Madrid, and I will continue to compete at the highest level for Real Madrid. My children are what I cherish most in life, and in football, I will continue to give my best.

Source: Marca

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