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Exclusive interview with Javier Rodríguez Pascual




In an exclusive interview, the first on this platform, Los Blancos Live spoke to Real Madrid correspondent for Spanish outlet Relevo, Javier Rodríguez Pascual, AKA Rodra as fans call him on Twitter. In a busy month as August, our guest answered questions about the transfer market, his journey to journalism and questions asked by you, the fans.

Firstly, we want to say a big thank you to our guest for agreeing to participate in this interview.

Let’s start with your journalism journey. How has it been so far and what motivated you to embark on this?

“I studied history and journalism in Madrid, and for one year I went to France to finish my degree. Since I was little I have wanted to work around football, and when I started at university I started in a football team (Unión Adarve) as a press officer. Later, I entered Diario AS as an intern. Then EL PAÍS called me, then Relevo now. When I entered Relevo, I was sent to the Real Madrid section, which was a dream for me.”

It has been a great journey for you. Along the line, have you ever felt the need to quit and pursue another career? Have you ever been discouraged?

“When I entered Diario As I didn’t like journalism very much. I was bored. I have always played tennis and started as a tennis teacher at that time. There I thought I had a better future in tennis than in journalism.”

Growing up in journalism, who were your role models?

“Mario Cortegana, Alfredo Matilla and Manuel Jabois.”

What made you a fan of Real Madrid?

“Since childhood. I only thought about Real Madrid, I did not have the option of supporting another team.”

Javier at the Bernabéu (Source: Instagram)

Many Real Madrid fans from all over the world dream of being at the Bernabéu, seeing the players play. How does it feel to be in the most iconic stadium in Europe?

“The best stadium in the world for its atmosphere. Where the most impossible things happen. Being a Madrid fan is thinking that anything can happen.”

In Spain they have a wonderful culture. Tell us about the culture associated with the club. On a matchday, what happens in the City of Madrid hours before the start of the game?

“The most beautiful thing occurs 2-3 hours before the game. All the Madrid fans will welcome the team bus to the Bernabeu. It’s called the ‘Busiana’.”

‘Busiana’ ahead of he remontada against City in 2022. (Source: RMTV)

How will you rate the club’s transfer market business so far this summer?

“If it stays this way, a 6.5. If Mbappé comes, a 9.5. About the Mbappé saga, We are in a strategy phase. The idea of ​​​​Real Madrid is to wait until the end of the summer, so that PSG is increasingly desperate and without room for maneuver.”

What percentage will you give to Mbappé signing for Real Madrid this summer?


During the last few years, PSG have been the only reason why Mbappé has not signed for Real Madrid yet. They always try to tie him down, but that has changed this summer. Many think that this should make it easier for him to arrive. How easy is it now? Or how difficult?

“The scenario is the least complex in recent years because PSG has finally gotten tired of him. I think it will be a matter of time and patience until the end of summer. But with Mbappé you can never trust.”

What level of financial preparation does Real Madrid have to undertake such a huge transfer this summer?

“Real Madrid is fully prepared.”

Now we have questions from our fans. excellent. What is the situation on the right back?

“On the right back there will be no changes. Carvajal is trusted and Reece James is liked for the future.”

“Alphonso Davies? Real Madrid’s idea is to go for him next year.”

When do you think Real Madrid will bid for Mbappé?

“Yeah. I think Mbappé will come this year. But it’s so hard to know what will really happen.”

Many of us dream of one day being like you. Work close to the club for the largest outlets in Europe. What advice would you give to people like us with this dream?

“My advice: discover the things in which you stand out the most, discover in which role you would have more job opportunities, get closer to the people you admire and always keep going, don’t give up!”

Finally, what trophies do you think Real Madrid can win next season with the current squad?

“If Mbappé comes, Real Madrid have to win everything! Without him, we [Real Madrid] will fight for the league and the Copa del Rey, but we would not be favorites without a center forward.”

“It would be a surprise if Mbappé does not sign for Real Madrid. If he does not come and the team starts the league on a bad note, the club will explore the market for a striker.”


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