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Fabrizio Romano confirms Tchouameni’s crucial role in Real Madrid’s plans




It is reaffirmed that Aurelien Tchouameni holds immense importance in Real Madrid’s current and future plans, as per Fabrizio Romano. Both Carlo Ancelotti and the club have unequivocal faith in the midfielder, going so far as to declare him off-limits for any potential transfers.

Despite interest from several teams, including prominent names like Arsenal and Liverpool, Romano suggests that it will be an arduous task for any club to entice Tchouameni to the Premier League. Previous talks of potential interest from Munich have also seemingly fizzled out.

As the preseason gets underway, Tchouameni will have the opportunity to once again demonstrate his worth to the team. The continuation of his involvement will rely heavily on his consistency and quality in the heart of the midfield. Undoubtedly, the 23-year-old is fueled by a renewed motivation to reclaim his rightful place.

Looking ahead to the new season, Carlo Ancelotti’s squad boasts remarkable depth in the midfield department. However, there exists an uneven distribution of talent within their ranks.

When it comes to advanced midfield positions, players such as Luka Modric, Toni Kroos, Eduardo Camavinga, Arda Guler, Dani Ceballos, and Jude Bellingham shine brightest. Regrettably, there is a lack of direct depth in the defensive midfield area.

To address this imbalance, Aurelien Tchouameni emerges as Ancelotti’s prime candidate to cover the pivotal role. Although Kroos and Camavinga can fill in if needed, the Frenchman is the manager’s go-to choice.

At the beginning of the previous season, the 23-year-old enjoyed a regular starting role following Casemiro’s departure, prompting speculation that he was the rightful heir to the Brazilian’s position. However, Tchouameni’s form dipped shortly after the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, leading to a decline in his performances.

As his playing time diminished in the latter half of the campaign, rumors of a potential departure began to circulate. Various teams, including Arsenal and Liverpool, expressed interest. Yet, as Romano indicates, enticing him to the Premier League will prove to be an uphill battle. Reports of Munich’s interest also appear to have faded away.

With the preseason now underway, Tchouameni has a fresh opportunity to prove himself once again. His future with the team will hinge on his ability to consistently showcase his talent and contribute effectively in the midfield. There is no doubt that the young midfielder is highly motivated to reclaim his spot and make a significant impact.

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