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Fede Valverde speaks after contract renewal, says Real is best in the world




Photo via Real Madrid

Real Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde has spoken to the club’s official channel after renewing his contract until 2029.

The highly-rated midfielder noted: “It’s a huge joy to return to such a special place and to share such an important renewal with my family. I’m at the best club in the world and I’m very proud. Real Madrid has given me everything.”


The maturity and the values of being a good person, being a good player, growing up and being an example for children. Madrid is the image of the whole world and we are the examples. It’s a great pleasure to be able to represent this badge.”

“All Madrid players are hungry for titles and we can’t live without winning. Winning is everything. When I do, I’m the happiest man in the world and when I don’t, I feel I’ve lost a lot. The day I don’t have that feeling, I won’t be part of Real Madrid.”

Why he chose Real Madrid

“It’s impossible to say no to Real Madrid. It’s the most beautiful thing there is. When the club president tells you that you have the opportunity to renew your contract with this club, you don’t think twice about it.”

Playing at the Bernabéu

“It’s the most beautiful thing there is. There’s nothing nicer. The feeling of going out and feeling that pressure that you have to win and that you’re playing for Madrid. It’s the most beautiful adrenaline rush in the world.”

Florentino Pérez

“He’s always been there at all times and has been there to help us at every moment and give us the values that you need from a Madrid player. He’s also put pressure on us to keep winning. He always looks happy. He’ll always have the gratitude of the Valverde family and he’ll be very much loved.”

His unforgettable moments

“When we were crowned champions and made our way to Cibeles. Seeing all those people filling an entire city with white shirts makes you happy. After experiencing that, it changed my life at this club. Over the years I’ve realised how great it is to share a dressing room in Valdebebas and at the Bernabéu. There’s nothing better than experiencing those moments.”

On Real Madrid’s DNA

“90 minutes for Madrid feel very long at the Bernabéu. The fans and the players always fight until the end, we never give up, and we give our all on every ball. There is always a chance to win the game until the referee blows the final whistle.”

The locker room

“There is a mixture of young and old players. There is always that healthy competition that helps the team improve. The most important thing is that we are all pulling in the same direction and have the same goal: to win titles and celebrate them.”

Footballing maturity

“I haven’t changed my desire to keep winning games and titles. Obviously I’ve improved as a player and I’ve learnt a lot from fighting for a place and being a substitute. I’ve learned from my team-mates and I’ve made the most of the big moments I’ve had. I’ve learnt a lot from Kroos, Modrić and Casemiro. That has helped me.”


“When I’m playing in my natural position, as a midfielder on the right or in the centre, that’s when I can show my qualities the most. But I’m at the team’s disposal for whatever they need and if a player is missing, I’ll try to help wherever I can. On the pitch, I’ll give my best and off the pitch I’ll try to add energy and encouragement.”

The joy of his parents

“It’s great news for them. They’re always there and I’ll always thank them for all the values and life lessons they’ve given me. I’ve seen them struggle day and night for many hours so that I could eat or have a pair of boots to play football in.”

Real Madrid’s youth academy

“I will always be grateful for the way I was treated when I arrived. I slept in the club’s youth residence and for me it was like a five-star hotel. It’s something very nice and something you have to admire when you’re young and sometimes you don’t realise it. We players are the ones who go out on the pitch, but there are a lot of people who work behind the scenes. Cooks, physios, doctors… they always take care of what you need.”

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