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FIFA adopts reforms in World Cup Qualification amidst injury crisis striking top European clubs




Football is going through a tough time with the international break causing a wave of injuries, especially for Real Madrid. Big names like Vinicius, Oyarzabal, and Ter Stegen are out, leaving fans concerned about their team’s performance.

The list of injured players is long and includes Camavinga, Zaire-Emery, Gavi, Mandi, Muriqi, Ocampos, Haaland, Onana, Rashford, Bowen, McKennie, Bastoni, Miretti, Vicario, Eriksen, and Ochoa. Some face serious issues, adding to the challenges for both Real Madrid and other teams.

To tackle this ongoing problem, UEFA and FIFA are making changes, according to Diario AS. Starting from the World Cup in 2026, teams will play fewer qualification games. The hope is that this adjustment will reduce injuries and make the process smoother for players and clubs.

The idea was first discussed by UEFA in January, and FIFA approved it in June. As a result, when the journey to the 2026 World Cup begins in September 2025, we might witness a different setup, aiming for a safer and less injury-prone environment.

While these changes are underway, there’s a bit of relief in the Nations League. The tournament continues, introducing a new round of quarterfinals. It’s a small break in a busy schedule filled with injuries.

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