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Filipe Luis opens up about his greatest ‘career regret’ involving Angel Di María




Former Brazilian footballer Filipe Luis, who recently retired, has revealed the deepest regret of his professional career and publicly apologized to former Real Madrid player Ángel Di María.

In a heartfelt confession on Charla Podcast, Luis shared the remorse he feels for a particular incident involving Di María during a match between Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid.

The regrettable event unfolded as a result of advice from fellow teammate Agüero, who suggested to Luis that mentioning Di María’s wife would significantly impact his performance.

Influenced by Agüero’s counsel, Luis admitted, “I’m going to open my heart and talk about the greatest regret of my career.”

“If there is something I regret having done, perhaps it is the only thing I really regret, and I would like to go back in time and not do it, it was against Di María.”

“I arrived at Atlético, we were going to play against Real Madrid and Agüero told me: ‘Filipe, if you approach him, he will lose, he will leave the game. Go see him and talk about his wife.”

“And I arrived and said: ‘your wife..’, I pronounced his wife’s name… He looked at me, he was downcast, I won the whole game. And he really wasn’t good in the game. I got home and I regretted it very much… Di Maria, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I did that, I’m sorry.”

Despite Filipe Luis’s tactics unsettling Di María and affecting his performance, Real Madrid emerged victorious in all four derbies of that season (2010-11), including two league matches and two Copa del Rey encounters.

Regret and remorse consumed Luis immediately after the match, leading him to publicly apologize. (h/t Madrid Universal).

Filipe Luis, a loyal ally of ‘Cholo’ Simeone during his time at Atlético Madrid, recently retired after a successful career that included a stint at Chelsea.

Reflecting on his eight-year tenure with Atlético, Luis expressed that he lived the “best years of his career” with the club. His achievements with Atlético include two UEFA Champions League final appearances, a La Liga title (13-14), a Copa del Rey victory (2013), and two UEFA Europa League triumphs.

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