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Florentino Pérez already knew he will sign Mbappé in 2024




Photo by Xavier Laine/Getty Images

There are many questions, but not sufficient answers. Not many sagas last as long as this one, the ultimate saga.

A lot was reported this summer, but at Real Madrid there was calm because everything had been planned. Most of the things read over the past three months were just lies, nothing but lies.

Kylian Mbappé himself quoted a tweet from French outlet Le Parisien which said he wanted to join Real Madrid this summer.

Mbappé denies Real Madrid links

In the quotes reply, the 24-year-old said: “Lies. At the same time, the bigger it is, the more it passes. I have already said that I will continue next season at PSG where I am very happy.”

That was always the case. Mbappé never wanted to leave this summer and at no point did he show signs of wanting to leave the French capital.

In all his public appearances, his statement remained the same: “I want to continue at Paris Saint-Germain next season.”

Florentino’s reply to a fan

In mid-June, a fan met Florentino Pérez on a sunny day and, as usual, asked the Real Madrid president to sign Mbappé.

With a smiling face, Florentino turned and replied: “Yes, but not this year.”

No way Madrid would commit

For economic reasons, Real Madrid were not going to move for Mbappé in 2023. What this would have meant was sacrificing amounts of up to 400 million euros.

Real Madrid would go for Kylian Mbappé in 2024, without a doubt. It is what has been planned by the club and player.

Then, all parties win. Real Madrid will get their long-standing target, the player gets to fulfill a dream and play the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris with a French club, and PSG, well, get another chance at Champions League glory with arguably the best player in the world.

Real Madrid will not have to negotiate or pay any fee to the player, since he will arrive on a free.

In fact, sources in Spain have begun to report that Real Madrid might move as early as January 2024 to avoid what happened in 2022, when the player ended up renewing.

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