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Florentino Pérez champions European football’s new era post European Court of Justice ruling




In a stirring and fervent address following the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling, Real Madrid’s President, Florentino Pérez, hailed the landmark decision as a transformative moment for European football.

Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez expressed profound satisfaction with the ECJ’s verdict, heralding it as a safeguard for the principles, values, and freedoms of clubs.

“With great satisfaction, Real Madrid welcomes the decision by the European Court of Justice, ensuring our principles, values, and freedoms,” Pérez stated emphatically in his address.

The Real Madrid president anticipated two groundbreaking outcomes resulting from the ruling, asserting that European club football will no longer be beholden to monopolies and that clubs will now have full ownership of their destinies.

Pérez passionately articulated the rights of clubs to propose and promote European competitions that modernize the sport and draw a global fanbase.

“Today, the Europe of freedoms has triumphed again, and today soccer and its fans have also triumphed,” Pérez declared, emphasizing the victory of law, reason, and freedom in the face of prolonged pressures endured over the past two years.

Pérez reaffirmed Real Madrid’s commitment to revolutionizing European football, drawing parallels to the creation of the European Cup almost seventy years ago.

He pledged to champion a modern project that coexists harmoniously with national competitions, prioritizing sporting merit and financial fair play while ensuring economic sustainability for all clubs.

Acknowledging the challenges ahead and the anticipated intensification of opposition, Pérez remained resolute in steering European football toward an era characterized by transparent governance, technological integration, and an electrifying atmosphere for fans.

His rallying cry to European clubs emphasized the importance of constructive dialogue and collaboration, urging a collective effort to innovate and modernize football while preserving its passionate fan base.

Pérez’s impassioned words underscored the monumental significance of this ruling, highlighting its potential to reshape the trajectory of football history, marking a watershed moment that will define a new epoch for the sport.

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