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Florentino Pérez talks Mbappe, Supercopa victory, relationship with Laporta and more




Florentino Pérez, the President of Real MadridReal Madrid, expressed his elation after securing victory in the Spanish Supercup, emphasizing the satisfaction it brings to all Madrid residents.

In an exclusive interview with Realmadrid TV, Pérez lauded his team’s performance against their arch-rivals, stating, “We have won a Super Cup against the two great rivals of the Spanish competition. In both games, we played very well, better today than the other day.”

The president highlighted the significance of the triumph, noting that every title matters for a club like Real Madrid.

Pérez, who has overseen 59 titles during his tenure, stated, “This is a club in which each title is not to be forgotten, it is to think about the next one. My illusion is to continue feeding all this.”

Praising the young talent, Vinicius, Pérez said, “Vinicius shines almost always. Goaling three is not normal, but today he has made a great game. Every year he will be better.”

The Real Madrid president also acknowledged the exceptional coaching style of Carlo Ancelotti, stating that the coach fits well with the Madrid philosophy.

Asked about the relationship with Barcelona, Pérez highlighted a positive institutional relationship with Laporta.

However, he acknowledged the contrasting emotions between the two clubs, stating, “He is sad, and I am very happy today. These are the laws of soccer.”

On the topic of potential transfers, particularly Kylian Mbappé, Pérez deflected, insisting that the focus should remain on congratulating the current squad.

When questioned about referees, Pérez diverted, saying, “It is not the day of the referees to speak either. Today I am only concerned with the illusion of players and fans around the world.”

As Real Madrid prepares for the upcoming Cup game, Pérez remains optimistic about the team’s future endeavors, reaffirming their commitment to delivering satisfaction to millions of fans worldwide.

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