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Football lawmakers experiment new ‘red card rule’, sport likely to include new card – report




Photo via Sky

In a landmark decision, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the governing body responsible for overseeing regulations in football, announced on Tuesday its approval for the experimentation of a 10-minute temporary expulsion for players, in addition to the existing red card system.

New white card?

This revolutionary change is set to introduce a new card into the game, most likely to be colored white. It will signify a temporary removal of a player from the field for a period of 10 minutes.

The traditional red card is known for its symbolism of permanent expulsion from the ongoing match. This will now be accompanied by this innovative white card, ushering in a new era of disciplinary measures in football.

Born in 2017

The concept of temporary expulsions is not entirely new to the football world. In 2017, IFAB first introduced temporary expulsions in amateur football. The goal is to allow players to be temporarily removed from the game as a consequence for certain offenses. The success and reception of this initiative in the amateur leagues may have influenced IFAB’s decision to extend this experiment to the professional level.

The introduction of the 10-minute temporary expulsion brings an intriguing dimension to the game. Aside this, it also provides an intermediary disciplinary action between the familiar yellow and red cards. While the yellow card serves as a caution, and the red card mandates a player’s immediate removal from the field. The white card will bridge the gap by offering a temporary suspension, forcing teams to play with a numerical disadvantage for a short period.

Fans, curious

The decision has sparked curiosity and debate within the football community. Fans, players, and experts eager to witness the impact of this experimental rule on the dynamics of the game. Coaches will now need to strategize not only for playing with 10 men after a red card but also for navigating through a 10-minute period with reduced numbers on the field.

The outcomes of this experiment are uncertain and will unfold in the coming matches. Questions linger about how teams will adapt their playing styles, whether this new rule will deter certain types of fouls, and how it might influence the overall flow and competitiveness of matches.

In conclusion, IFAB’s decision to allow the experimentation of a 10-minute temporary expulsion in professional football marks a significant step in the evolution of the sport’s regulations. As the football world braces for this groundbreaking change, only time will reveal the true impact of the white card. And also, whether it becomes a permanent fixture in the beautiful game.

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