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How Real Madrid were spying on Barcelona during their semifinal against Osasuna




The Spanish Super Cup has ignited a spark of excitement among football enthusiasts. Furthermore, there’s a Clásico pending in about 48 hours as Real Madrid lock horns with Barcelona for the trophy in Riyadh.

Wednesday night’s clash between Real Madrid and city rivals Atletico Madrid only fueled the anticipation for the tournament. In a thrilling encounter, Real Madrid emerged victorious with a 5-3 win over Atleti after extra time, securing their spot in the final scheduled for Sunday, January 14.

As the football drama unfolded, the focus shifted to the second semifinal on Thursday night, where Barcelona faced off against Osasuna in a closely contested battle. However, amidst the intense gameplay, an unexpected subplot emerged as El Chiringuito cameras captured a peculiar scene during the first half.

To the surprise of fans and pundits alike, a member of Real Madrid’s staff was spotted meticulously recording the Barça-Osasuna game with a tactical camera. This intriguing development raised eyebrows and led to a flurry of speculations about the intentions behind such a move.


An image of a Real Madrid staff members with a tactical camera recording Barcelona’s game against Osasuna (El Chiringuito)

The plot thickens when considering reports from Spain that suggested Barcelona was not without their own set of spies. Allegedly, up to three staff members from Barcelona were present on Wednesday night during the Real Madrid versus Atletico Madrid clash, diligently taking notes on their arch-rivals.

The use of tactical cameras in football is not uncommon, as teams often employ advanced technology to analyze their opponents’ strategies and gameplay. However, the optics of one team’s staff recording another’s match in a tournament setting add an extra layer of drama to the unfolding narrative.

Barcelona managed to win the game by 2-0, setting up an intriguing final on Sunday against Real Madrid.

Fans are now left to ponder the motives behind these strategic observations. Are the teams engaged in a tactical chess match, trying to gain any possible edge ahead of the final showdown? Or is this a mere coincidence blown out of proportion by the watchful eyes of football enthusiasts?

Regardless of the reasons, the Spanish Super Cup has undeniably become more than a battle on the pitch—it’s a psychological duel off it. As the final approaches on Sunday, January 14, the eyes of football fans worldwide will be keenly watching not only the players’ moves but also the strategic maneuvers and mind games being played out behind the scenes. The stage is set for a thrilling conclusion to an already captivating tournament.

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